Saturday, September 10, 2011

PVP members wanted for the Kadavr Black Guard

I've been busy. Not with Eve, but with real life. Work decided to increase my responsibilities and work load (not that I mind!), I've got a new girlfriend (she's become a new 'hobby', and you know how much time hobbies can take up), and we recently went to China together for a holiday. That was quite an enjoyable experience, I tell ya...

But I'm back into it now. And my first task was to tell a new recruit to go somewhere else!

So let me tell you the story...

I'm the Aussie timezone director of the Kadavr Black Guard, a dedicated PVP Corp basing itself in lowsec. We're recruiting people who have had experience with PVP and want to join in on some lowsec action.

However, we're also recruiting people who DON'T have PVP experience too. Basically, if you want to join us, you'd be welcome. But there's a small catch for those who have no experience - you'll have to undergo PVP and survival training.

For that, we're pushing inexperienced (but eager) pilots to join OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship), go through their nullsec survival and PVP training, and successfully graduate. All graduates get a medal to prove they've graduated and can survive and fight in nullsec, and that guarantees automatic membership into the Black Guard.

So I told someone where to go today - to join OUCH! Ironically, they had already been a member of OUCH but failed to graduate before they moved on. They were hoping to join the 'big boys' for PVP, but they were good sports to accept that they needed to rejoin OUCH and complete their training before that would happen.

I also found out one of my fellow directors has a 'Leroy Jenkins' style, but at least he kills a lot more than he loses, so that's ok. And he's an excellent FC, so I can live with that. :)

I'll be developing some Corp policies soon to help ensure that members maximize their wins and minimize their losses. That's the kind of thing I enjoy. :)

If you're interested in joining us, look me up in-game or send me some questions by eve mail. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.