Saturday, July 2, 2011

What kind of corp would you like to see?

I'll be honest - the Corp I tried to create didn't work. There was ZERO interest in an anti-pirate Corp, and after spending more than a month trying a few different recruitment strategies, I've had absolutely no interest. I've concluded that no one wants to join an anti pirate Corp, even though they all whinge about pirates...

So I'm trying something different now.

What kind of Corp would you like to see?

What do you think is missing from this game? What kind of Corp would you like to see in Eve Online, that either doesn't already exist, or exists but not very good?

My last challenge was to create something like Eve Uni, but for nullsec. I created OUCH, and that is currently going exceptionally well. I'm looking for a new challenge, so please throw some ideas at me so we can discuss them.

It was you, the readers, that helped OUCH come into existence, so maybe you'll help me create something else. Thank you :)


  1. TBh theres one kind of corp I've relised is in very short supply at the mopent, and thats a train complete noobs to be pirates corp, the couple training corps out there dont take complete noobies these days.

    Basiclly something to replace VETOA and TBRA

  2. ALEXIA! how bout you come and help me!?!?

    AS dame said, TBRA is soemthing thats missing and w my LOW-SEC PVP corp in building I really need experianced FC's and Directors to kick it off.

    the idea is to have weekly BC roams on fixed nights, and Recon OPS lasting several weeks.

    First ten members need to be pvp experianced, prefferably with FC skills, after that the corp can certainly go the training nooblet pirate route...

    speak soon?


  4. Nashh, I've sent you a message in-game :)

  5. rgr thanks Alexia, I have replied with a wall of text =)

    speak soon.

  6. Alexia, I would be outmost thrilled if I could convince you to try out my corp / alliance. Either by joining as corp, or as an individual.

  7. Sorry dude, too late. Alexia is mine!

  8. To bad there wasn't a police corp. I would join. It could be done as corps joining faction warfare but it would be concord we aligning ourselves with.

  9. You can always start your own corp with that goal. In fact, I think it's an excellent idea, and strongly encourage you to do that. And I think you should blog about it, so that others can follow your 'police corp' adventures. I'd love to read about it as you progress through it. :)


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