Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Punishers are recruiting

What we're about

The Punishers is a new antipirate corp which will do its best to keep the lowsec areas of Derelik safe for the general public. The corp is in the very early stages right now, currently looking for members, but it will maintain a public intel channel that will allow all pirate and hostile activity to be reported through Derelik and beyond. The corp will have reds who are pirates or known hostiles, and this information will be publicly available as well.

Corp mission: helping to keep people safe

What we plan to do

As the corp grows, it will be involved in intel-gathering to create a database of pirates and hostiles in the lowsec areas of Derelik, and this information will be shared publicly.

As the corp's strength increases, it will include anti-piracy PVP in lowsec, as well as PVP roams into nullsec. Over time it will expand its activities into other areas and explore the idea of doing what CVA once did with Providence.

What would be required of our members

All members must meet the following minimum membership requirements:

  1. Must have at least 50 kills on their personal killboard
  2. Must have a minimum of 10 million skill points
  3. Must be able to fly covert ops or recon ships, and T2-fit battlecruisers

(We will discuss membership options for people who have less than 50 kills and less than 10 million skill points, but only if they join OUCH and graduate from its nullsec survival and PVP training - these skills will be essential to have while in The Punishers.)

All members must be willing to:

  • roam various lowsec systems and monitor for pirate or hostile activity
  • provide intel in the public intel channel whenever appropriate
  • engage flashy red pirates when chances of success are in their favour *
  • rat or do missions to ensure an income to support PVP activities

* We have strict rules of engagement to minimise stupid losses and maximise smart victories.

If you're interested....

If you meet the minimum requirements and/or you're interested in being involved, then contact Alexia Morgan in-game. You will be interviewed about your interest and whether or not you will be a good fit for The Punishers, and if you get past the interview and get accepted, you too can be a Punisher. :)

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