Sunday, January 10, 2010

OUCH offers piracy training!

We've started providing courses on piracy, namely lowsec combat for fame and fortune.

Of course, we're not professional pirates, nor do we intend to be. But lowsec PVP is just as valid as nullsec PVP (and empire PVP, but maybe that will be a future stage), and so we're offering that as an option.

Surprisingly, most of our members have been eager to be involved in piracy operations! Bless their evil, little black hearts.

So not only do we offer nullsec training, but also lowsec training.

If anyone is interested in joining up for the variety of our courses, make sure you contact Black Claw in-game and talk to him about it, or just join us. We welcome everyone.

We also welcome trainers, for both nullsec and lowsec PVP. If you've led fleets on combat operations in lowsec as a pirate (or even mercenary, we don't mind), or in nullsec, and you want a change of pace where you're training others in how to do what you've been doing for so long, then we want to talk to you too.

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