Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank you to OUCH's sponsors

This page is my big thank you page to all those who have helped OUCH. Whether it's through donations of ships, items or money, or providing loads of helpful advice or even some amazing emotional support, they're all going to be listed here (with their permission, that is... some might want to remain anonymous).

Thank you so much for helping OUCH get off the ground. Without your generosity, it would be that much harder.
  • Noir Avlaa
  • Iroxorsju
  • Kalisis
  • Seondar Moleck
  • Jarob Talloway
  • Shadows Lord new!
  • Alex Carmel new!
As more people offer their support in whatever way works for them, I will add their name to this list.

Edit: updated 26/12

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