Monday, December 14, 2009

OUCH begins

Over the weekend I created an alt and then sent him into 0.0 space to seek out a good location to start an office. It only died twice before reaching its destination. Not bad for a 1-day old character. :)

The office was created next to a system with clone facilities. I don't think the area will be too busy, so it will make for a good location to start training.

One thing I discovered, however, is that it's just going to be too difficult to run a nullsec survival corp with a character that's brand new. So I've decided to use Alexia as the CEO of OUCH. Over the next week I'll be moving my ships from where I am, to where I want to go. (Can't give locations just yet, as that could inspire someone to try and stop me.)

Thank you

OUCH is a proud new member of the New Bastion alliance, and I would like to thank Cal for coming forward and offering some very valuable and much-needed support. His input into the development of OUCH, and his support to help it move forward, has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you!

While I'm thanking people, I need to include Noir Avlaa. She is another example of someone committed to the ideals of OUCH. Over the weekend she donated some resources to OUCH. This included dozens of frigates, hundreds of items, and tens of thousands of units of ammunition. More than could be fit in a single contract (so there were 2 contracts!). For this I am extremely grateful.

More coming soon.


  1. No problem, although i'm sorry I have to admit, i'm a guy IRL... I figured if i'm gonna be looking at a face for a while may as well make it a pretty one :D

    Good luck with the corp though, i'll guide people to you if I find anyone looking for tutoring :)

    - Noir Avlaa

  2. I always refer to the character's gender unless I know otherwise. :)


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