Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Open University of Celestial Hardships

I created a Google Wave for discussing this, and the Wave link is here:

The Open University of Celestial Hardship

I thought it would be a good idea to have it here as well, to allow non-Wavers the opportunity to discuss this too.

I'm seeking expressions of interest in starting up a 0.0 corp that caters to education and training of nullspace activity, including PVP, ratting and industry. A bit like Eve University, but in nullspace instead of Empire space.

I'm imagining the corp needs to be part of a 0.0 alliance, so if any alliance directors would be interested in providing support, please make yourselves known as well.

I look forward to comments and discussion, so please don't be shy. If you want to help, or you want to be involved, become a participant in this Wave.


  1. Great idea. But make sure no-one says naughty words or the whole thing's fooked.

  2. I think a complete ban on 'political correctness' and 'carebear crying' will need to be implemented as well.

    The first university in the game that will ban you for crying or complaining about language. :D

  3. So why not have a training corp for U'K?

  4. This idea is for everyone, not just one alliance. And members don't need to be in any alliance, they can just come in to OUCH from Empire if they want.

  5. Well, you will be hard pressed ot find an alliance that will allow you to operate in thier space with that recruitment policy. The sad thruth of it is that OUCH would probably have to take a system or two on it own, and hold them, to do this.

  6. Awesome idea. Please ignore the fucktards on CAOD and do it anyway. That Amanda Watkins is clearly an agony alt.

    Imagine what the world would be like if the founders of apple thought about their idea then said "ahhh why bother someones already making computers..."

  7. Maybe you should have done your research. I am not an Agony alt, but the CEO of a corp in a 0.0 alliance...

    Amanda Wilkins

  8. step 1 - find out if there's any interest.

    step 2 - work with those who are interested to create something that works.

    If there's no interest, there's no need to research anything. :)

  9. Hey! Someone said you are like Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak. I would stop right there and go out to party for weeks.

    It's only downhill from there.

  10. If I understand how Eve Uni and Agony's PVPU work, and your school is intended to be anything like theirs, you have 2 options:

    1) base in Empire (like Eve U) and not worry about blues, taking your students into 0.0 from there, or
    2) base in 0.0 (like Agony) and not give a shit about blues and pick up your students at some empire/0.0 border station.

    Most of the bigger alliances couldn't care less about small corps in their space other than seeing them as valid PVP targets. Your corp would have to be a formidable presence indeed for most of them to give you any more attention than that.

    Good luck with it. Let us know here where you plan to base out of. My corp is always looking for people who want to play the game rather than run away.

  11. Hi Alexia, I saw your post about the "Elitest Scumbags" of EvE University a few days ago and I LoL'd. A good portion of our starting members are Uni Alumni and yes most left for the same reasons. Quality Control is a primarily Low-Sec PvP training corp that accepts players once they understand the mechanics of the game. We are the next step out of a school like E-Uni for those looking to learn PvP. I think your idea for 0.0 is fantastic, good luck to you. Have a look at our website when you have a sec

  12. I agree with, well, Anonymous.

    It could work if you position yourself in Empire space right at the fringe of the 0.0 you want to "occupy" and depending on the influence you have in that region, you could potentially try to snag a nearby 0.0 system as well. I guess it depends on how "real" you want it to feel.

    Do you have any specific region you're leaning towards at the moment?

  13. I have had no interest or support from anyone associated with leading an alliance. Since this idea won't get off the ground without their support, I guess it's just not getting off the ground.

    Not all good ideas end up becoming realised, unfortunately.


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