Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guess who's come back?

My, what a busy time it's been with OUCH. The interest in membership has outpaced my ability to accommodate the members that want to join. So I suspended membership for 9 days to allow my skills to catch up...

Except that I'm getting about 5 new members a day joining OUCH, and the applications sitting there on hold were starting to pile up.

I had to do something, as I didn't want to break the momentum. I considered my options, and made a decision.

Black Claw is back.

Yep, that's right. Black Claw, who some of you may remember, and others of you have probably never heard of. He was my first character from early 2006 before I started Alexia Morgan early 2008.

He also has all the needed corp management skills that would allow for him to continue accepting membership applications to carry on the recruitment momentum. And he was a reasonable combat pilot too. (Could do with a bit more training today though... Good thing he's in a training corp!)

So I reactivated him yesterday, waited 24 hours for his roles in his previous corp to disappear, and then recruited him into OUCH today. I immediately made him CEO of OUCH.

Black Claw is back. Woohoo!

Black Claw is going to be the most active, due to his new commitments with leading OUCH. So Alexia is going to take a bit of a back step and be a 'secondary character' for a while. Maybe forever. Or at least until her own brand of skills are no longer needed.

It's been fun. But I think it's going to be even more fun back in Black Claw's saddle....

If you want to join OUCH, or you're interested in becoming a trainer, please hop into the OUCH-UNI channel, or send Black Claw an evemail.

Thank you everyone, it's been great. You can follow Black Claw's blog again now. :)


  1. Make up your damn mind AM! Switching blogs every time a stiff wind blows up your skirt is getting tiring...

    J/k :P

    Glad to see BC come back. Missed the little bugger when ya got AM going. :D

  2. Ah Black Claw - good to see that blog back!

  3. im intreguied by OUCH, i may join when i have more time/isk

  4. astral, you're welcome to join any time you like. There's no minimum requirements, and we provide free ships and fittings to help the members get started.


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