Monday, December 21, 2009

Flying the Dramiel

A few days ago I was reading Andrea Skye's post about the Dramiel, and I was so inspired by their results with the ship, I went out and bought one of my own. However, I couldn't afford faction or officer fittings, so I went with the best I could. I figured that I'd do pretty well against other frigates and cruisers, so that's what I went looking for.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. I eventually found a Thorax to play with, and engaged him outside a station. He was happy to play. I had small T2 artillery, allowing me to keep range at 22km and spit out some decent damage while still being within warp disruptor range.

However, I quickly discovered that the speed of the Dramiel meant that my 22km orbit quickly ellipsed out to 30+km, which meant I not only lost my target lock, but couldn't keep the target warp disrupted. So I went to try pulsing the MWD, but when I came back in to re-engage, the Thorax's own MWD allowed him to quickly close the distance between us. He had a scrambler, and I didn't, so his MWD was active while mine was shut down. Along with his web, blasters, and drones, it was quickly all over. I couldn't escape his 1,200m range, and I lost the Dramiel.

Quite annoying, really, considering that everyone else that seems to fly it has so much success with it, but that's what happens when you get into a fight - you don't always win.

So, if anyone with extensive experience with the Dramiel has any tips for me on how I can do things better, please add them to the Comments. :)


  1. Try this ...

    2x200mm AC II
    1xSTD Launcher (I use meta 4)

    MWD II
    AF II
    Warp Disrupter II
    Tracking Disruptor


    Hobgolin II x4

    (mods should be Projectile Ambit Extensionsx2, and I use a Current Router for fitting, another Ambit if you can fit it)

    With this setup using Barrage Ammo you should have a falloff out to 17k-20k depending on skills. You will orbit at 12k with the AF II pushing you to 14k with a constant speed at around 2200m/s. Your tracking should allow you to hit your target. With the MWD you should orbit at about 14k and if will push you to 18k with a speed above 5500m/s. You will still be able to hit your target if you switch out the tracking disruptor for a tracking booster mod. Either way you are not getting hit by a target as long as you maintain range, and the drones will be left behind as you pulse the MWD as you need to. This setup allows you to always have speed even if someone gets a warp scrambler on you or not... This ship is pure speed tank only ... drop the arties this ships bonuses make AC's perform like artillery only better at the ranges you want. Fly this like an interceptor with drones, serious dps, and a cool look.

  2. Nono. The Gistii in skyes fit is needed as you become capstable..
    Its only 10 mil or so.

  3. Yea, I bought one but since my PC died and I get a crappy framerate on my laptop I haven't taken it out yet for a hunt.

    However this ship looks amazing and I've had fun playing with fits in EFT. Can't wait till the new year to try it out :)

  4. Practice first, against things that don't shoot back. The time to notice that setting a 20k orbit doesn't get you 20k distance from the target is not when a thorax is trying to kill you, it's when you're circling a can or asteroid learning what orbit to set to get a nice circular 20k distance.
    It's when you're circling a miner in highsec getting some ship familiarisation time in while also making him paranoid about a gank.

    By the time you take the ship into a real fight you should know exactly how it flies.

  5. Thanks for the tips, guys. Any more? I'd like to know as much as possible about flying and fitting this ship.

  6. Posted a short gathering of intel here:
    Love the ship, really.

  7. heres my question so like 15 blogs have posted the "dramiels rock fits" but considering eve is a game of many sides, has anyone found the anti-dramiel? (i still think the fed navy comet needs an overhaul)

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  9. I personally have never flown a dramiel because I'm too poor, but there seem to be two schools of thought. Hera Darkthorn flies a nasty one that is effectively like a Taranis on steroids:

    Looks like they're tons of fun to fly.

    The other school of thought is like the one you flew, and is similar to the Slicer I fly, so I'll give my limited advice on that:
    On the note of orbits, etc. I had the same problem when I first got into my Slicer. It took some practice to get a feel for it, and you also might want to sacrifice a little bit of top speed for agility (I use a low-friction nozzle joint for a rig, instead of a polycarbon for example). I shamelessly practiced on things as disgraceful as less than a day old pilots in their Bursts who were for some reason mining in low-sec, but them (and losing a couple slicers) got me better at establishing safe orbits. Still, MWD cruisers can do some tricky maneuvering and slingshot you into scram range, so never just set your orbit and go make yourself a cup of coffee; always watch their radial velocity on overview.

    My 2 cents, and keep in mind I'm a complete noob.
    *Deleted my last post because of a typo

  10. where can you just buy the damriel and what do you have to achieve in order to use it and make a hold of it? I am in a huge doubt , as I searched everywere , but still haven't found a clarifying full answer.

    Thank you.

  11. You have to buy the Dramiel by contract. You can search for them in the Contracts section. You can use to see what kind of setups people are using for them, and you can use EveMon to see what you need to use it. You can also use EFT (Eve Fitting Tools) to play around with setups and see what you can or can't use, and what the stats are for it.

    Good luck. :)

  12. The dramiel is a fantastic ship and I have been using one to KM harvest in huge fleet fights out in the pure blind reason, atm I'm using it as a pod hunter with dual sebo :D

  13. i read that article and he specifically said to try it on rats first.

  14. Sorry for your loss. Its always possible to fall into scram/web range especially when using a frigate and quickly the fight is over. One thing that is nice about the dram is that you can fit it dual prop - meaning both an afterburner and a MWD - and also fit a scram, and a nos works nice to counter neuts, if you are going into web range MWD can help but if against a small group you will need logi to support you if you catch a few webs. good luck in the future.


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