Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eve Player Profiles - Ga'len

Please tell us about the person behind the character, we'd really love to know a bit more about you - What do you do outside of Eve?

In the meantime, here's Ga'len!

Your character name:

Your real name:
J. Riley Dagastine

The country you're living in:

How old are you:

What kind of work do you do:
IT Support Specialist. I work tech support for a surgical instruments manufacturing facility. I maintain the production systems for the CAD/CAM systems as well as support other manufacturing facilities across the East Coast.

What other hobbies or interests do you have:
I like to cooking, watch movies with the missus and read engaging books. That whole pinacolada's drinking and the rain stuff, well, hangovers and being soaking wet are just not my thing anymore.

Do you have a personal blog or non-Eve website you want to share:
I have another domain on the net, however, it's not very active as I am focusing my efforts here, however you can visit it at http://www.dagastine.net.

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  1. Great, now I have yet ANOTHER stalker!



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