Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who you gonna vote for?

I wasn't going to vote in this year's CSM elections, as I didn't care enough about having a representative. I'm quite happy with the game, and satisfied that any changes in the game will work themselves out.

"The world will be what it wants to be."
- Tao

I had the same view about the game - it will be what it wants to be. And what it wants to be will be a result of player-driven hysteria (along with some valid game-testing and suggestions) and the vision of the game developers. Who am I to think that a lone voice crying out in the wilderness can influence that juggernaut called evolution?

But a lone voice can, by calling out to other lone voices in the wilderness, and together they can perform miracles.

Or they can use the CSM Vote Matching Tool.

I did, out of interest in how it would work, and I was pleasantly surprised. It helps you match your interests in the game with a CSM who is in alignment with what you want. And it links to where you can place a vote for the candidate of your choice.

So I did it, and I found there were two candidates who most closely matched my needs - 67%. The candidates were Mrs Trzzbk and Song Li. I was a little disappointed that no one got any closer than 67% of what I thought was appropriate for the game, but so be it...

Now, I'd never heard of Mrs Trzzbk, but I have heard of Song Li. And he's a fellow blogger. So guess who I voted for? That's right, Song Li.

I hope he wins!

And you can have a say too. Go to the site, answer the poll to provide your thoughts on the game and its future, and see who matches your own beliefs. Check out their websites, see what they're saying, and make an informed vote.

You're a lone voice in the wilderness, but together with other voices, you can make a difference.

Do it today. You don't have much time left!

PS. Who thinks I should run for next year's CSM? It's a thought I've had lately....


  1. I ended up voting for TeaDaze (@teadaze42 on Twitter), but I'd be just about as happy if Song Li got voted in. Ideally, both, plus Alekseyev Karrde.

    But so as not to dilute my vote, I went all-in on TeaDaze. :)

  2. I got 73% with Song Li who was also my highest. I voted for him, us Canucks have to stick together.

  3. It's funny because I used the Vote Match tool after I voted, and I happy to find out it confirmed my vote at about 90%: TeaDaze ftw !!!

  4. Definitely run for next year's CSM. You have my 2 accounts behind you, to show those carebears who's boss.

  5. Thanks Jaguar. What issues would you like to see me stand for?

    Anyone else with any comments on that?

  6. Funny because Song Li is a carebear Alexia :P

  7. I don't have a problem with carebears. I just have a problem with whinging carebears. There's a difference. :)

  8. I think Spectre stands for roughly the same things as you and would do a better job.


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