Monday, November 9, 2009

Fleet Battles

Since I joined the Ushra'Khan I've been spending most of my time initially 'getting my feet'. This has involved mostly ratting in U'K space to get some money to fund my upcoming PVP adventures. At the same time, I spent a lot of time observing the alliance and intel channels and seeing how things are done around here, and what people talk about.

I've gone on a few 'roams' into Providence space, and discovered the major difference between CVA-friendly pilots and U'K pilots is that those in CVA space hide, and no defences occur to repel U'K incursions. Even if there's just 1 or 3 of us. However, when a large CVA fleet tries to make its way into U'K territory, dozens of pilots form up and kick them out immediately, and then go on retaliation strikes into CVA territory, where the locals all hide.

Anyway, in the first 2 weeks, I think I went on about 3 small roams into CVA space. It all changed on the weekend just gone. I spent a few hours on Saturday at first flying my Rifter, but then when it was declared primary by the enemy - or it seemed like it, since it was destroyed by a Nighthawk, Flycatcher, Cormorant and Harbinger... I think I was the only Rifter in a fleet of cruisers, interceptors, battlecruisers and battleships... And the enemy took out my frigate...

I suspect they knew they were screwed, so they attacked the easiest target, which just happened to be me. Damn 'kill' mail whores...

So I decided to take my brand new Rapier for a test flight, it's maiden voyage. Excitingly enough, I was involved in the kill of an Abaddon.

I got up early on Sunday to join in on a corp op. Except the CEO didn't turn up. :p (Yes, that's me poking my tongue at you!) So I joined in on an alliance fleet op. And another one. And another one. And another one. And then I had something to eat around 7pm. Then I joined another one...

Overall, I was involved in 3 kills throughout the day in my Rapier: a Myrmidon and its pod, and a Guardian.

All in all, a good weekend.

However, what I REALLY want to do is take my Rapier out and get some solo kills with it, rather than as a 'hanger on' in fleet battles.

I bought and fitted a Typhoon this morning, and then tested it ratting. It just wasn't as good as the Raven, so I think I'll turn it into a PVP battleship instead. It'll give me a bit more variety in fleet battles, rather than just with a Rifter or Rapier.

Exciting times!


  1. Amazing!
    I never see any U'K in Providence only because they are usually cloaked up on a gate somewhere. X-D

  2. CVA friendlies really don't like to engage until they outnumber at least 2 to 1 or have caps ready to hotdrop onto you.

    Having lived in CVA space most of my eve pirating career I can confirm that U'K are alot more gutsy than CVA & pets

    Quick little correction though, it was an apoc you killed, not an abaddon.


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