Monday, November 16, 2009

Eve Player Profiles - Psia

Please tell us about the person behind the character, we'd really love to know a bit more about you - What do you do outside of Eve?

In the meantime, here's Psia!

Your character name:

Psia (though in blogging circles I'm often known as ChainTrap - when I'm known)

Your real name:

The country you're living in:
England (in lovely rural Warwickshire)

How old are you:
36 - though often I feel much older

What kind of work do you do:
I write policy and advice for the UK government on the use of IT in schools. It is both rewarding and interesting.

My background is in networks and IT support, although I have in my time written for traditional tabletop RPG systems (and been paid for it); been employed to make gaming miniatures and been a sound engineer (during which time I worked on tracks by David Bowie and Take That amongst others).

What other hobbies or interests do you have:
It's natural with my professional background that I'd be into music, and that's still the case. Although I hung up my drumsticks a while ago, I keep meaning to get myself back into drumming - though it seems that my circumstances keep getting in the way. In the meantime, I continue to seek out new bands, and accumulate albums and attend gigs.

Cars and motor sport are also an interest. As well as spectating, both from an armchair and in person at the events, the wife and I also marshal. Rallying (WRC, IRC, clubman); F1; Touring Cars (BTCC, WTCC); Hill climbs: we're into anything as long as it has wheels and an engine. We also compete at a very basic local club level in road rallies, 12 cars, and the like. My (current) pride and joy is a 1988 Porsche 944. Not the fastest car on the planet, but point to point across the countryside it is a close match for anything out there. And besides, I can always borrow my wife's Subaru Impreza for those "knock your nuts off" acceleration moments.

It's not just motor sport though. I'm a fan of the mighty Nottingham Forest FC (twice European football champions); both the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders american football teams (I have attended the NFL international Series games for the past couple of years) and follow international rugby union (supporting England, of course).

The majority of my time at the moment is spent with my family. My wife and I were blessed with a delightful baby girl in July. Spending time with her is a complete joy - which is just as well cos she does require a lot of attention.

Do you have a personal blog or non-Eve website you want to share:
Not really - but I would like throw out a plug for Eve University ( - my current home, and an admirable endeavour. Props to Morning Maniac and the directors of the Uni.

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