Monday, November 16, 2009

Bekka's Punishment

Over here, Bekka discusses how piracy needs to be made harder.
In my opinion, low-sec piracy should carry significantly more risk for pirates than it actually does.
By 'significantly more risk', she wants CCP to implement CONCORD appearing in lowsec at random intervals to punish pirates for their actions if detected at that time.

She also says:
CCP needs to address this problem, and they need to do it now, before it gets worse than it already is.
Since when was it a problem for pirates to engage in low-sec piracy? But wait, she also adds:
Unless CCP is comfortable with the idea of low-sec and 0.0 becoming the virtually exclusive domain of the most wealthy and powerful corps and pirates, it's high time they do what they have to in order to open up these areas to the rest of the player base. No doubt much bitching and moaning will ensue, but it's really the only way to ensure that EvE will be able to not only gain but also hold on to new players over the long term. Regardless of whether you're a pirate, a noob victim, or anything in-between, encouraging more new and middle-range players to participate in and stay with EvE should be a goal every player can get behind. It's good for the game, it's good for CCP, and it's good for the players.
This is a perfect example of not just a Carebear that plays the game, but a Carebear that whinges about how the game disadvantages them. They spend all their time in Empire space but then, when a mission sends them into the more dangerous areas of low-sec where they can get killed by pirates, they have a cry and whinge about how CCP needs to fix this problem.

They did fix the problem - it's called Empire space. If you don't like low-sec, don't bloody go there!

Don't ask for the game to be changed because you don't like how pirates can 'kill people so easily'. Just stay away from low-sec and you won't be killed.

I had to add a comment on their post. I said:
It's real simple. Piracy is 'easy' only because most people are not organised enough to create fleets to push the pirates away. Piracy is easy because so many people ignore what they COULD be doing to prevent it.

It's not the fault of the game or of the pirates. They're doing what the game allows them to do. The game also allows people to form fleets and fight the pirates.
The real simple solution to low-sec piracy is to form fleets of your own and take ownership of police actions. People already do this - they're called 'anti-pirates'. They form fleets, corporations, alliances. They sign up to take the fight to the pirates, to kick them out of systems, to force them out of the region.

They do their part to fight piracy. You can join them if you so choose. Or you can do nothing but whinge and cry about how CCP should do something to 'fix this problem'.

Your choice. The anti-pirates out there are doing what they can to 'fix the problem', which is part of the game experience!

This game is open. You can do whatever you want in it. CCP have created protected space for Carebears like yourself, semi-protected space (eg. CONCORD-like gate and station guns to punish hostile actions) for pirates to have fun in, and unprotected space (0.0 space) for the serious players. You can go wherever you want, to do anything you want.

But don't bloody cry and want the game changed because you don't like dying.

This game has something for everyone. But you want it changed so it has less for everyone, and more for you.

How selfish! You've now been Punished.


  1. And for proof that player behavior can influence pirate activity and make low sec safer...

  2. Well said, couldn't agree more on your reply.

  3. i dont agree that she is a carebear as she doesnt fit all the criteria that you listed for 'what makes a carebear' earlier, but she is a frackin whinger!

  4. Savatar, in that post I also said this:

    "The reason why people like me complain about Carebears is because our gaming enjoyment is spoiled by the changes these people demand to the game. They don't like being killed, so they demand the game developers make it harder to be killed."

    Bekka certainly fulfills that...

    Myrhial, thanks. :)

  5. Could not agree with you more. I must admit as I started following your blog, I thought you a bit over the top, but after reading all of the winging about how tough low sec and null sec is, I could not agree with you more. Keep the sanity checks coming. I'll be reading.


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