Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You are going to LOVE this!

I got an awesome idea tonight which I decided to run with. Here's the details of it:
  • Everyone can share their favourite Eve Online blog posts to a single site, which will allow discussion and voting on those posts. The most popular blog posts will rise to the top, while the dregs will be pushed to the bottom.
  • Eve Online-related sites, forum discussions, etc, can be submitted for conversation and voting.
The Eve Bloggers Portal was designed to present the output of all Eve blogs in one site, automatically updating every hour with a constant stream of new blog posts via a single site.

The Eve Bloggers Portal now evolves with added social features to allow discussion and voting on what's hot, and what's not.

More information coming soon!


  1. Seems like a good idea but discussion should take place in blog comments rather than on eve-bloggers I think. Most bloggers appreciate the traffic comments provide.

  2. so something like Digg...but just for EVE Blogs?...nice idea :D


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