Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where to next?

I've been in Providence for over a month now, and I've come to the conclusion it's time to move on. So I thought I'd ask you, the readers, where you think I should go to next.

It has to be in 0.0 space, and it has to be quiet.

What are your suggestions? Where do you recommend I move to, and why? I look forward to reading your thoughts.


  1. Most of Pure Blind seems quiet. And, depending on where you go, Syndicate has some very quiet corners.

  2. Come merge with us? :) Serious offer, I'll even leave your brave Anon posters alone if ya do :p

    If you are interested, you know where I am :)

  3. I say wait until the dust clears from the patch next month. Things in nil sec are going to be very different soon.

  4. Pure Blind has Mostly Harmless and Pandemic Legion playing last-minute tit-for-tat with R64 moons before Dominion arrives, but most of it is very quiet. There's several Sisters of Eve station systems smack dab in the middle of it, which house a moderate population of neutrals, who shoot and get shot by both sides. It also has EC-P8R, a nullsec system right next to Lonetrek highsec. The bubbles at the Torrinos gate are a constant source of hilarity.


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