Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save the carebears!

I was recently surprised and amused at the level of ferocious anger exhibited by carebears just for being called carebears (37 comments!). What's even more amusing is that, even though I never named anyone, those who were offended ended up naming themselves by placing comments about how angry they were to be called carebears, only proving how much of a carebear they were.

A few years ago, when I first used to call players carebears, there was a lot of good-natured responses. People didn't mind being called carebears, just as people didn't mind being called traders, etc. But it seems carebears are getting tired of being called carebears. And they're getting angry. Very angry.

I actually find this really, really amusing. I laugh a lot at these people who get so angry. But I wonder what it means when you look at it as a reflection of society itself...

It's a game, and yet there are a lot of people who take it far too seriously. They treat this game as if what happens in it is so very, very important to their personal wellbeing and their life. They take in-game actions personally, as if people are threatening their very existence outside the game by what they do in the game.

And when they come up with these ludicrous statements that I'm a carebear as well because I complain about carebears, that's just stupid. If I complain about criminals, does that make me a criminal?

A carebear is someone who wants the rules changed so they're not so adversely affected by in-game events. They're the people who cry and whinge and hate when someone takes something from them. Real life death threats are an occasional occurrence.

I complain about carebears because it's fun to do so.

My belief is that people who rage in-game are people who rage out-of-game. If someone threatens to kill you as a result of what you do in-game, it really shows how stable they are in real life. That's right - they're unstable, to the point that they actually want to physically kill someone for doing something in a game.

Amazing stuff.

So, I think we should engage in a campaign to help carebears stop playing the game. If they don't play, they won't get so upset. They'll find something that's more enjoyable for them.

So we should do everything we can to bring that carebear rage out in these people, and point out to them that there are other things they could be doing with their time than spitting with rage at their computer screen. They could be sitting under a tree with their loved ones, having a picnic and watching their children playing in the park. That would be much better for them than playing a game that enrages them.

What are your thoughts on this ongoing carebear issue that detracts from the carebear's enjoyment of the game? What will you do to help the carebears decide this game is not for them? You could be helping save a life, preventing them from having a heart attack in the near future. Or even keep them out of prison, because you get them to leave the game before they decide they want to kill someone.

My input into saving these people's lives is blogging about it. What will you do? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. And if you're a carebear and feel like raging, get a tissue first, so you can wipe the spit off your monitor afterwards.


  1. LOL, out of the frying pan into the fire eh? Our definitions are different. I think that is where the angst comes from with other people.

    Yes your quite right it is a game, but a brutal tough game and one that I liek a ton.

    I pvp. Others do not. in my opionion the difference is that a Carebear actively goes out of their way to avoid a fight so as to not 'lose' anything. Period.

    In this game, people take labels seriously, as you are only known by your Name/Corporation, brand that person a carebear, and they are highly likely to be offended.

    As for those who wants rules changed to benefit them, there are a shit ton of people who fall in that camp...PvP'ers, Industrialists, Traders, Alliance leaders etc..

    GL mate and I hope the flames do not get too big ;)

  2. Thanks Manasi :D

    I'm not calling anyone a carebear, I'm just throwing the term around. If anyone gets upset at me for it, it's because they're already upset about being a carebear - I just press the button that encourages them to let it all out!

    I'm in Canberra, Australia. It's cold right now. I need some flames to help keep me warm.

  3. I actually find this really, really amusing. I laugh a lot at these people who get so angry.
    Yes, trolling is fun. Welcome aboard.

    I'm not calling anyone a carebear, I'm just throwing the term around.
    This reminds me of the reaction to a certain Chris Tucker sketch. If you redefine a word, you shouldn't be surprised that the people who fit the original definition become upset. But then again, feigning ignorance is a vital part of the standard trolling routine.

    However, I do recommend trying other, more indirect forms as well. Ideally, people don't even realize they're being trolled.

  4. Alexia Morgan. What is your peverse enjoyment in winding carebears about? Are you the new eve blog bully who is so hung up about carebears you cannot let them be. Why the continual literary criticism over a group of people who 99% of the time just get on with life and provide a valuable service to the whole Eve community. Surely now your roming around Providence you must have something more exciting to blog about ? This is getting so so boring and predictable!! yawn zzzzzzz

  5. I dislike the term "troll" almost as much as I dislike carebears, and yes I use the term dislike because I really have no great love for them. They offer me nothing, they are worthless in my game and just take up server time I could use myself for a more lag free game. But anyway, trolling.

    Trolls live under bridges in Norsk tales, or in mountains. They cause havoc and mischief and if whined about proceed to eat the whiner with a side order of Goat. Trolls do not live in interweb forums, argumentative bastards with a point to make regardless of tears live in those.

    As for Anon (Brave boy you are). What is your perverse enjoyment in coming to this blog to be insulted? Seems to me that its not Alexia who is a bully but you who are perverse, getting off on being made to look as small as you really are whilst using tired arguments that never stood up to objection in the first place.

    Why not the continual criticism on a website that by its very nature is intended as a soapbox for the OWNERS opinion?

    Oh and please, enlighten me as to what valuable service these people provide Eve with?

    Missions? Hmmm No, they are purely for the selfish and offer nothing of value to anyone else out there. And please, don't insult us by stating you provide implants at a reasonable price to the market or some other tripe. Beyond the fact that ANYONE can easily take a mission when they feel like it to get there own items if missioners suddenly faded away from EVE then CCP would merely implement some other way for everyone to get these items.

    Mining? Industry? No. Whilst 0.0 does have its fair share of carebears it also has a wide selection of people highly skilled in the art of mining and manufacture who also drop these tools in a heartbeat to go defend the home systems. Infact form my time in game I can honestly state that the best Industry guys are living deep in with the rest of us true Eve players. The deeper in you are, the more self reliant you become and therefore the greater you are at all the jobs needed to survive.

    It could be argued that you help provide a valuable market environment but who do you help? Mostly Empire dwellers, in other words, yourself. You self indulgent waste of spacers.

    And now to make sure I am fair, something that I always am even if those upset few cannot ever tell. Alexia, dear.

    You are self proclaimed to be living in Providence now at the behest of the slaver Empire. You are now classed along with the other pets as mere bears. Your reputation is rapidly tearing itself up in self loathing sir, GET OUT! Now, whilst you still can.

    Empire may be full of bears, however Providence is the capital state of bearland. If you can sit there and watch whilst the fat get fatter as they poach the land whilst never defending it then your arguments will no longer work. You must kill those who live in Providence and farm from the poor.

    I offer you my hand Alexia, I offer it with a willingness to pull you from the fire you currently reside within. I give you a chance to kill the bearest of the bears and become the flame of their doom.

  6. Trolls do not live in interweb forums, argumentative bastards with a point to make regardless of tears live in those.
    The other meaning of the word is quite fitting, though.

  7. A carebear is someone who wants the rules changed so they're not so adversely affected by in-game events.

    Good call. Not unlike the hoard of 0.0 pvp players who are already whining about the proposed changes coming in Dominion without really having the full picture. I have a special place of hate for people who not only complain about a game, but complain about how a game could be.


    p.s. I'm your carebear.

  8. you know its funny, one side complains about the other, and the other side complains right back at them with just as much venom. you both sound like the same pile of carebears to me....

  9. ok, you gotta look at it like this.
    why do u play the game? to enjoy urself
    why do 'carebears' play the game? to enjoy themselves.

    Why are u avocating that everyone do as much as they can to ruin their time? there are the exact same suggestions going to CPP to 'get carebears' as there are from carebears to CPP to defend them from GRIEFERS.

  10. Far as I can tell the only 0.0ers whining are CVA, they are a bunch of slavers anyway so who cares!

    Amazingly not one single bear response in here has answered any of the critical replies, typical.

    Oh and wtf are CPP? Learn your game and who makes it before commenting.

  11. Hitch. Nobody is going to respond to your carebear rants, typically carebearish of u to cry about it when ignored.
    He spelled the name wrong, way to go at nitpicking at someone who probsbly doesn't give a crap whatever way it's spelt.
    Enough of ur carebear style tears that u claim to hate so much.

  12. You're funny :D You are also pointless.

    Hiding away in your little Anonymous tag using schoolyard arguments "No you're the bear! No you are!" whilst you hide in the corner praying nobody will ever notice you. And then when we do because of ill timed, pathetic whines you claim to not care yet post away anyway whilst pouting.

    You are still funny though, however I don't think you should be proud just yet and go bragging to mommy.

  13. Lmao. Hitch are u for real ?
    U cry harder than any 4 year old I know. Forget about carebears.

    When did the above do anything u claimed they have done.

    No more responses from me to u cos ur quite the idiot.

  14. You know they are right. One of the things carebears do is bitch and complain that people ruin their fun. Which is exactly what you are doing. When pointed out u proceed to talk about spelling mistakes bla bla bla.
    As for postingy details online... Omg u're an idiot.

  15. oddly enuf, i have only seen 1 person identify themselves as a carebear in response, yet hitch seems to give out to everyone for not responding to his rants

  16. Okay, I had to bite this one as well.

    My girlfriend got really - REALLY - mad at me one day because I called her a carebear. I didn't mean it as an insult, that's just her playstyle compared to mine.

    I talked her out of it, and explained how I meant it, but still... the fact that (in my opinion) such a harmless term causes such animosity shocked me.

    I remember the cartoon, carebears were a good thing! Unfortunately, thanks to EVE, the frigging theme song pops into my head far too often. "The carebear count down - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Carebear STARE!"

  17. Which is why in part I love winding them up Caels, they bite far too easily :) Look at em go up there, they truly are laughable and fail.

    Thing is, a carebear is not the miner or the indie, its the mindset. Your GF may not be an actual bear, living in Empire does not make you one, replying with the brains of the guys above does. Still no sensible reply from any of them, still the same BS bravado that when everyone else reads we just giggle at them.

  18. I giggle at hitch. Some disagrees with him an he calls them a carebear

    41 year old virgin

  19. My belief is that people who rage in-game are people who rage out-of-game. If someone threatens to kill you as a result of what you do in-game, it really shows how stable they are in real life. That's right - they're unstable, to the point that they actually want to physically kill someone for doing something in a game.

    Actually, it's not a sure thing at all. There are lots of people who wear entirely different personalities online then they do in person. I remember a guy who frequented motorcycling boards and his posts were highly critical, intolerant, with harsh language, but when you met the guy in person he was a pussy cat. Genial and polite - a polar opposite to his online alter ego.

    People are different when they can hide behind a keyboard and screen - they don't face the same consequences for their actions online so they do things they're inhibited to do in person.

    People who rage in-game may just be venting a part of themselves they can't/don't release in real life. Or they could rage the same in real life. It's hard to know when you only see text on the screen.

  20. in response to your previous posting alexia, you listed out what makes someone a carebear.
    narrative of what has happened so far
    alexia> gives definition of carebear
    anom> your all carebears
    anom> who cares let them play
    41 year old virgin> RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE, you all who responded who didnt answer my questions are carebears, RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE. and a pointless RABBLE about a spelling mistake. RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE

    *anoms sit and lurk wondering if it was them that he was calling carebears, it couldnt be because they engage in pvp all the time, or they dont, point his virgin has no idea.

    anom> points out virgin is the same as a carebear because he cries just like one.

    virgin> Rabbles away obviously missing why he was called a carebear, again calling the non carebears carebears.

    bobo> touches on virgins stupidity
    anom> asks why he should post personal details like suggested to the virgin
    savatar mei> points out to virgin that only 1 person identified themselves as a carebear and states everyone is now being called one

    caels> points out something random about his GF being called one
    virgin> doesnt address any single statement previous, agrees with ceals and reiterates the carebears above. (which i remind u all the reason he is calling them a carebear is because they didnt agree with his RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE).
    savatar mei> points out the hitch is a 41 year old virgin
    luccui> replies to blogger,
    savater mei> things that virgin should stop calling people carebears for no good reason.

    future virgin posting> RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE
    future savater mei posting> /facepalm /facepalm /facepalm

  21. Well, at least I got Caels in there instead of a pet name. And I don't think that commenting on my girlfriend's reaction to being called a carebear was beyond the scope of the topic, so random is hardly fair.

    You did forget future caels posting, however, so I'll let it slide. Since I'm sort of disagreeing with you I guess that makes me a sort of carebear; maybe I forget to count all the way down?

    Commence /facepalming :)

  22. no that doesnt make u a carebear, i dont mind the carebears...its the macro players i mind

  23. As a long time player of Warcraft (4 level 80's on both PvP and PvE servers with over 3 years of play time) and noob in Eve (just over 3 months), I'd like to make a comment or two.

    I'm currently a carebear miner. I dual box and I'm trying to learn the game. I know I could go several routes to making ISK but mining is what I'm doing because, frankly, I'm tired of questing (or missions as you call it). So, while I'm mining I'm listen to others, reading everything I can about Eve. Playing with Evemon and EFT. When I have enough SP, I will dive into the PvP actions. I'm not going to be some cannon fodder for someone. I'm not going to boost your stats or ratings. If you think I will attack you over a few Veldspar and risk losing a ship that took me a couple months to train and pay for, you must have the mind of a child. What I am doing is taking notes; I have your names and when I'm a better player, I will hunt you down and kill you.

    I don't care if you call me a carebear. Call it whatever you want but you are no doubt a troll and hypocrite. I don't want the rules changed. I will adapt.

    I just hope that the macro mining thing goes away and hopefully CCP does some kind of thing like Blizzard did with the bots. May the ban hammer come down on them.


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