Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun and games in Providence

I had a pilot join my corp a couple days ago. I set up an office nearby for him to join at - which he did. He came to Providence, was advised of the rules, and agreed to abide by them. But then, within 24 hours, Sev3rance almost declared war on us...

Sev3rance is the local alliance that provides security in the area against aggression. Anyone can go there - even flashy red pirates - but they must abide by the 'no hostility' rules. If someone engages in hostile actions they get put on a 'Kill On Sight' (KOS) list, and may end up being there forever.

I've been there for about a month now, ratting away without any worries. And then the new member joins, and allegedly attacks one of the alliance members.

So then I log in to Eve and undock from the station, and the fun and games begins....

"Oh look," I say to myself. "There's about 15 ships - all blue - and a big warp bubble at the station exit. Ooh, pretty... Hey, another 2 ships are warping in. Ooh, they're big! This is exciting, they must be about to lay the smack down on someone really bad!"

I start to slowboat to the edge of the warp bubble so I can take off for an asteroid belt and start ratting, when I notice a message telling me I'm being warp scrambled. Huh? This doesn't compute... they're blue! Then I see all of the ships in the overview are flashing because they've all targeted me...

I'm still trying to work out what's going on, thinking they must be confused or something, when suddenly there's great bursts of energy lighting up the sky, and my shields drop immediately to 50%.

"Holy crap! They're shooting me!" I don't bother trying to talk to them, I just immediately swing the view around so I can select the station I just left and request to dock.

"Let me in, let me in! They're all shooting at me!"

"Yes sir, we'd be happy to. There's a charge of 145,000 ISK for docking fees..."

"Just let me in!" I yell as I quickly pay the fees. I enter the station just as the space I'd left behind is filled with a second volley of weapons fire, but I was safe.

Wiping the sweat from my brow, I engage in communications with my attackers, and after lengthy negotiations with one of the alliance diplomats, I learned they had made my entire corp red - because my new corp member had attacked one of their own.

So I worked with them in trying to resolve this. The name provided by them as being the person who my member had attacked, didn't exist. The victim didn't exist! So I asked them to investigate whether or not it was a typo, and what the real story was. In the meantime, they removed me from red status so I could freely go about my business. But by this time it was my bedtime, so I went to bed instead.

This morning I woke up and found he'd attacked another alliance member. What the...? He told me he ransomed the guy for 20 million.

I removed him from the corp. While there was no real evidence to suggest he had attacked someone in the first place, his act of aggression this time around really didn't help his case.

I discussed this with him, and we agreed that Providence probably wasn't the best place for him. I wished him well, and we parted ways.

I also advised the alliance diplomat about what I'd done, and he thanked me for being co-operative.

In line with the new recruitment I've started doing, I'd just like to remind any potential recruits - or even travellers to Providence - of the following:

It's a safe place for a reason. Abide by the rules and it will be safe for you. If you don't, you'll have an alliance or two come down on you pretty damn hard.

It's ok to be a pirate, but not in Providence. Use the region for its safety, but do the piracy elsewhere.

Never shit in your own back yard.


  1. You ran into what is termed the "german vunderkind"

    -7- are notorious for shooting neuts, they often plainly refuse to follow the CVA rule set and can be found skulking in there home systems smacking away like children.

    This BTW is all over the forums and if needed I can point you to several CVA pilots ranked highly who will tell you the same.

    -7- suck donkey balls btw and are shit at PVP :)

  2. Oh and do not believe what they tell you. It won't even be the thousandth time the lies they sprout have been proven false as they attempt to cover up there pathetic piracy.


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