Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Eve Wave Pack

You may or may not have heard of Google Wave. If you haven't, I'd say you don't read much on the internet, but that's ok....

Google Wave is Google's attempt to revolutionise email by bringing together Instant Messaging, file hosting and document collaboration. For example, you can create a wave with a description or questions, add members from your contact list, and add a file of some kind (eg. a Word document).

Then you can have this single document available to all members, allowing you to discuss it and work out how you want the document to evolve. Discussion is 'real time', which means as you're typing something, other members can watch what you're typing - mistakes, backspaces and all.

Even if you're not working with a document, you can simply have discussions with the other members of your 'wave'. You can discuss and plan social occasions, etc.

You can also use it for 'collaborative writing', where you work together to write a story or something. You can edit each other's comments, or you can each edit a chapter of a story that you're all working on.

Some of the things I'm expecting to be integrated into Google Wave over time are:
  • Twitter: update your Twitter feeds from your wave. You and your friends can converse about your updates in the wave itself, and have it replicated back to Twitter if you configure it that way
  • Blogging: update your blog via Google Wave. Comments on your blog post are replicated in your wave, so you can reply and converse there, and have comments in your wave replicated back to your blog.
  • Facebook: same thing here. Keep up to date with communication from friends that are in Google Wave and Facebook from one place, with communication being integrated between multiple platforms.
  • Evebloggers: as people comment and communicate amongst the various integrated platforms, will present the ongoing 'stream' of conversations out there.
There are gadgets being created for various functionalities, and I'm sure most of them will be absolutely useless, but there's going to be gems in amongst the crap. There always is.

There's already a few of us Eve Bloggers in Google Wave. The Eve Online Wave Pack has begun. If you are on Google Wave as well, or when you get onto it, sign up for the Eve Wave Pack.

See you there!

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