Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is your blog listed in ?

If you're reading this, then you're probably an Eve Online blogger. You're also probably listed in the Eve Bloggers Portal (

But if you're an Eve blogger and you don't think you're listed, then please follow these instructions:
  1. add a comment to this post, or
  2. add a comment over at Eve Bloggers: Do you have an Eve Online blog?
As soon as I know about your blog, I'll add it to the list so that every time you update your blog it will be shown in as well. And then everyone can see what you're posting about! Pretty exciting, hey?

Galen has an OPML file he's been keeping up to date, which currently has 361 blogs. I regularly import that file into Eve Bloggers to add to the rest of the blogs that are being listed, and as I'm writing this I'm proud to say that the Eve Bloggers portal now lists:

628 464 blogs!

That's an incredible amount!

Obviously not all those blogs are active at the moment, but it's still impressive... If any of those blogs update a post, they'll be visible in Eve Bloggers.

So if you haven't got your blog listed, please follow the instructions above to get it listed now.


Thanks to Ga'len for pointing out that all the Gamescribe blogs need to be removed, so I got rid of 140 of them. And then I went through the list of the remaining 488 blogs and got rid of duplicate entries (those that were listed multiple times with different RSS feeds). The result? 464 blogs. Still pretty good.


  1. Wow, I didn't even realize that there was a evebloggers site. I always though CK and Galen were keeping the lists.

    The site seems to be down at the moment..

  2. Thanks sage... I just checked the site, and it seems to be working fine for me. Can you check again?

    Your site is also included in the updated list. :)

  3. I've got a blog called "MXB:EVE", which includes editorial, gameplay tips, fiction from the perspective of my main Maximilian Black, and more.

    Would love to have it added.


  4. Been getting a nice bit of traffic from the eve bloggers site. It's a great portal to keep track of everything EVE related.

  5. Cool! I didn't even know about this site.

    I've got an eve related blog at


  6. Alexia...many many times I have visited your site, so much so that it is now my home site :) Hats off to you for all your work, it certainly seems very very complete :)

    Well done!

  7. Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate your support.

    Those who wanted their blogs added, they've been added.

    Anyone else? Link your Eve Online blog and I'll add it to the list if it's not already there.

  8. Hi Alexia, I would love to be added as well:

    I don't post very often, which sometimes gives the impression the blog is dead, but I am not going to quit EVE or blogging anytime soon :)

    Thanks for writing about this, btw!

  9. Thanks Aeon, but you've been added quite some time ago. :)

  10. CK and I do keep a listing of blogs and we try to keep it up to date, but it is a lot of work. Something to note, 150+ blogs went offline when Gamescribe went down. Alexia, did you remove those from your listing?

    On a side note, if you can send me your listing, I can get the OPML revised and also list out for you what I have that you don't have. That way, everyone gets listed on your site and mine.

  11. Thanks Ga'len, I've now removed them from the list.

    I have everything that you have, since my list includes your own (imported).

  12. Gday

    Try these for RSS feed, CK said the second works


  13. Add me please?

  14. I would like to be added as well. Thanks.

  15. Thanks guys, you've all been added to the list. Cheers

  16. Hey mate, I am going through the blogs listing and I am finding some duplicates as well as a number of dead links.

    I am also seeing some blogs that are missing from the OPML download, I will get them added in.

    I will be sending you an email before the next OPML update with a listing of all the dead links and the duplciates in your listing.

  17. Thanks Ga'len, I've finally got around to updating and posted about it via that site. Thanks for all your help, it's fantastic. :D

  18. Heya, I have an EVE-related art/gameblog too :).


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