Thursday, August 27, 2009

What missile skills do you recommend?

I started flying a Drake the other day, as a friend of mine recommended it as an excellent means of hunting down battleship rats. He checked my skills and thought I was 'good to go'.

So I went, and... well, it was pathetic really. I fired the missiles, almost 500 of them. And then I turned off the launchers with a sigh. The two battleships I'd been firing at still had their shields at about 40% and it didn't look like I was getting any further into them.

So, I put it to you, the skilled and experienced missile pilots out there. What skills should I have for Heavy Missile Launchers that will ensure I have the best possible means of quickly killing rat battleships?

Please note that my shield tanking is fine (how else could I sit there for so long, pointlessly firing missiles at these battleships? No, it's just the missile skills I need suggestions on.

I need to raise some money fast, and battleship ratting seems like a good way of doing it.
Your comments and suggestions will be very welcome. :)


  1. hey alexia
    as far as missile skills go you should have missle lanuncher operation to 5, target navigation, missile bombardment and projection, warhead upgrades, guided missile precision, rapid lauch should all be at level 4. also you might want to train up for tech 2 heavy lauchers since the best named ones cost around 15 million. i usually have at least two tech 2 ballistic control systems on for increased dps as the overall dps on a drake is somewhat on the low side.

  2. As Cain Jacobi indicated and:
    Battlecruisers IV

    Also, for ratting consider Heavy Assault Missiles: more DPS but shorter ranged.

  3. Ok, thank you! You've given me some skills to start working on. :D

  4. ship fit makes a huge difference as well as focusing on the correct damage types to be using. drones will also help add some additional dps to the scene.

    those are your immediate changes, other than that it is all down to training times.

  5. Nice suggestions! I am also thinking about training for a drake so I can kill sleepers without having to micromanage drones as with my Myrmidon. The awful thing is that as Gallente, I have excellent armor tanking and drone skills. My missile and shield tanking skills need serious attention...

  6. I've since upgraded to a Raven battleship, taking an increased advantage in my missile skills. Using a Raven seems to increase the DPS by at least 30%, so it was worth it.


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