Monday, June 8, 2009

Ventrilo server for out-of-game comms

I'm the proud owner of a Ventrilo server ('Vent' for short), and I was wondering if there was any interest out there in the Eve blogging community to have a Vent channel for the bloggers, or if anyone wanted to rent some access from me for their own corp or alliance.

Please add your thoughts in a comment, or send me an email if you would like to discuss having your own channel.


If you'd like to join the Eve Bloggers channel, use the following connection information in Ventrilo:

Port: 4003

I look forward to chatting to you in there!


  1. hey alexia
    i think having a channel on your vent server for eve bloggers would be a cool idea.

  2. Updated my "EVE Blogger Resources" sidebar with the new Vent server information. Thanks!

  3. can i ask you for my own channel on that ventrilo so i will be the admin of that channel

  4. Miha, please send me an email ( so we can discuss it. Thanks


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