Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PVP and business - so much fun!

What a time I've had. In only a few days of re-focusing on Eve Online, I've explored piracy, anti-piracy, trading, and hauling. Wow.

So... I got back into piracy, and joined up with a ragtaggiest bunch of misfits I've ever had the misfortune of flying with. And these were the primary pirates in my region. Holy cow... They were disorganised, unruly, disrespectful, and ignorant of fleet protocols.

I flew with them for an hour before taking a break and getting a hotdog in a nearby station. How fortunate for me!

Their fleet of 8 (battleships and battlecruisers) encountered 5 anti-pirates. The pirates lost 6 of their ships, while the anti-pirates lost 1. I munched on my hot dog while listening to the screams, which abruptly ended as their comms systems went up with the ships, happy that I had taken a break at the time.

And no, my Rifter would not have turned the tides of battle...

So I reconsidered flying with the pirates. Not only did they fill the voice comms with inane chatter that grated on my nerves, they really didn't know how to fly fleets. I felt like taking command, but really, I knew my place. Being the 'new girl' and flying a Rifter in a fleet of battleships... well, it just wasn't going to happen.

So I withdrew from the pirate fleet, and spent some time roaming around. Then I was advised by one of the local anti-pirates... oh, that's right. You've met him over on Black Claw's blog - An interview with an anti-pirate. He advised me that I'd been seen flying with the pirates, but he was willing to let me prove myself an ally rather than an enemy.

I took up the challenge, and decided to move away from the piracy thing. I flew with him, and within 5 minutes we had encountered and destroyed a Rapier.

Ah, the sweet taste of victory. Disciplined, communicative, efficient victory.

I was sold. It was the ANTI-piratin' way for me!

Until yesterday, when an opportunity threw itself at me. Well, after I reached out for it, that is.

I was engaging in missions, and had just finished setting up salvaging destroyers throughout 3 systems (to save time from having to get 1 destroyer somewhere else, I set up 'salvaging bases' in each system I'm doing missions in), when I saw someone offering 20m per ship, to fly them from one highsec location to another, right next door.

One thing led to another, and now I'm their sole supplier of battleships.

And this is where my excitement REALLY starts!!

Due to my already-stringent training program, I was skilled in battlecruisers for both Minmatar and Gallente, and I discovered I only needed to train a single skill to level 2 (Gallente Battleships) and I could fly battleships.

Holy. Cow.

I flew a Megathron battleship this morning. I had to take photos! Here's the evidence.

I had to take so many photos because it's such a beautiful ship, and I was so excited! That camera drone really got a workout, that's for sure. I think they're still repairing it as I speak. Poor thing broke down from being overworked.

So anyway, I delivered the battleship for my new client, and they're yet to pick it up, but I'll get quite a decent profit from it. I found another client too, and ended up delivering a battleship for them as well, but into lowsec.

The system was full of pirates, but lucky for me they weren't camping the gate I entered by. I flew to the agreed drop-off station, and contracted it to the client. Then I left in my pod.

As I exited the station, I was surprised to see the sky full of red flashy ships. There were 7 of them, all waiting for the battleship to come out that I had flown in with. Instead, there was my pod, which warped away before any of them could get a chance to do anything.

"Bitch!" was the cry from their fleet commander over the comms. I laughed, and danced, and then left.

Combat can be fun - when you're winning - but business can be just as much fun!

I'm in business, and here's my new bio entry:
Do you need ships delivered for you? I can fly Minmatar and Gallente ships all the way up to Battleships. If you want 'em, I can deliver 'em.

Talk to me about my special business rates. Highsec or lowsec - there's nowhere I'm not willing to go for you.
Contact me if you'd like to discuss how I can help you.

I also invested 50 million ISK into the market a couple days ago. 'Buy low, sell high!' is the mantra. So I bought a lot of stuff at its current price, and put it back onto the market at the price I want to sell it for. I'm leaving it there for 3 months. The price I want to sell it for is only 20% of what it's sold for in the very recent past, but if it sells, I'll get a 50% profit. Then I'll just do it all over again.

I'll keep you up to date about how things go.

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  1. Interesting business plan.
    To ferry ships... did not know that need existed with battleships.

    You could contact me when you feel ready for large engagements and hectic PvP at large. Check my newest post from today about this. Maybe Debes wants in as well...

    Also very interested in how your sell will go of the modules. Not how I do it so your outcome is very interesting.


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