Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm still here

If you've been wondering where I am, there's a really good reason.

A couple of very close (real life) friends of mine have decided they wanted to play an online game in a group of the 3 of us, and so we went through a couple games (trial versions) before trying Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). It's something we've decided to stick with, as it's pretty good.

I have no intentions of leaving Eve, but my activity in the game is reduced to keeping my skill training up-to-date. I'm currently training for a Rapier, and I have 130 days to go. Now, it's entirely possible that I might not actively play Eve for that entire time while I join my friends in LOTRO, but I'll certainly be keeping my skill training going. will remain as it is. I've set up a really good portal for Eve Bloggers, and it's still consistently getting around 100 visitors a day on average. The good thing about it is that it updates itself with everyones new blog posts, which means I don't have to do anything with it. I like that idea. :)

All my other socially-related activities have been suspended due to the fact that I'm not active within Eve, and I want this blog to be more than just blogger profiles. I will post a few remaining blogger profiles which have been sitting in my Inbox, but apart from that, I will not be active on this blog until I'm active in the game.

As for the game, I recently managed to join Faction Warfare, and that was very, very disappointing. I really hate 'blob warfare' - it's one of my pet loathings. So I wanted to step into mainly solo/small fleet PVE and roam around taking over systems for the Republic. With only a single attempt, I discovered this was going to be very, very difficult.

I found a contested system with Amarr installations, and set about taking them over to turn the system into a Republic system. I only had a Cruiser, as I'm not skilled enough for Battlecruisers or Battleships yet. So I sat at an installation and waited for the 15-minute timer.

With 9 minutes to go, 6 rat cruisers appeared and started hammering at me. I quickly went into action and tried to deal with them, but by the time I got it to 10% shields, I was at 10% armor. I then bugged out to repair and come in again.

However, upon my return, there were 11 rat cruisers waiting for me. What the....? After bugging out again, I consulted the comms channel for the militia and was advised that I needed to be in a sizable fleet to take over systems. And to fight the enemy. And even to go to the toilet. A fleet was the best option in all cases.

So I withdrew from Fleet Warfare, and washed the bad taste out of my mouth with some Scotch.

The next option for me to consider will be moving into null space and seeing what I can experience down there. But that's not going to be for quite some time yet.

In the meantime, I'll be on LOTRO.


  1. Good luck with LOTRO. If you still fancy a bit of FW when you come back look up the 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit. They fight for the Caldari side but are very good at small gang offensive plexing. It could be exactly what you're looking for. Plus they're a really nice bunch of guys. If you do check 'em out say that I sent you :)

  2. Thanks Wensley, I'll make sure to consider that. :)

  3. Good luck with LOTRO as well.

    Hope you'll keep checking back with us!

  4. I still read every single Eve blog via RSS, and will not be stopping that. :)

  5. Sounds like a plan. Keep in touch matey.

  6. We have two boxed sets of LOTRO here, we played it for about 3 months id say, nearly went back the other month. Its ok. Hope you enjoy it and see ya soon o/

  7. If you think the FW rat cruisers are tough, you're not ready for 00. Don't go out there until you're ready for pain.

  8. Thanks, I'll make sure I take your advice! :D


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