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Blogger Profiles #25 - Nuyan Zahedi

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What is your character's name or handle?

Nuyan Zahedi

What is your blog's URL?


How long have you been blogging?

I started at the start of 2008, so a bit more than a year now.

What region of EVE do you mostly operate in?

My most visited system must be Amarr. So mostly Domain and surroundings, especially Bleak Lands with Factional Warfare. Also Providence, where I used to rat and help out CVA sometimes. Then there's Heimatar, which is a region I got to know quite well as me and others of PIE Inc often had expeditions into that area to shoot at Electus Matari and Ushra'Khan, but that was before FW.

When did you start playing EVE?

February 2007.

I was still busy playing WoW back then, but it was a holiday, I got a bit bored with the Burning Crusade, probably browsed the internet a bit and ended up reading some articles about that game I heard some other people rant about earlier, often in a negative way ("It's so boring, blabla"). I don't exactly remember which article I read, but it intrigued me. It was in a way precisely what I was looking for in WoW, a big seamless evolving world where players provided consequences to each others' actions (or are at least able to, to some extent), where you have the freedom to create and live your own story.

Then in the first weeks I read upon CVA and what they did with the Providence, I saw one of their big fleets leaving just before their big attack on Ushra'Khan, I read the 0.0 Expirement at work/school and I was involved in an Aurora event (I guess my character helped the Speaker of Truths do what he had to do). All that in my first month, I was sold.

What do you enjoy about EVE?

To be honest, I haven't played EVE at all lately. I really want to get more involved again, but I'm quite busy and there are also some other great games I sometimes just have to play (World of Goo!). And even for these games I can barely find time. I could always make time of course, but I simply prioritize other things higher I guess.

But why I enjoy playing EVE? It's the thrill of combat which gives me a huge kick, it's the idea of being out there in that huge universe, it's the freedom and the fantastic stories it generates. Not just the bigger 'CCP storylines', but espescially the player stories, all the drama, it's lovely. It's unequalled in any other game. And even if you don't play EVE actively, it's still awesome to read about it and follow it actively.

What is your playstyle?

Firstly, I'd like to say that I try to play EVE Online (also other games sometimes) as "In Character" as possible, so I guess people would label me as a 'Roleplayer'. I don't like that separation and I am one of those people that constantly shouts that every EVE player is a roleplayer as they participate in the EVE universe and its story, so I'd rather call myself an 'Immersionist' as it was nicely dubbed by CCP.

I'm member of PIE Inc, so I mostly live in Empire, we participate in Factional Warfare and fight for our Empire and Empress. I never liked the concept of mission-running and prefer to make my ISK by trading instead, although I mostly fly cheap ships which aren't too hard to finance.

Do you play any other games?

Yes. I like games in general, just reading about them. I actually got back more into non-MMOs after starting to read a site like RPS a year and a half ago, which is having a nice mix of mainstream and the more obscure games. I really do like games as a cultural platfom/outlet. It has so much unfulfilled potential. I do prefer PC games though and if I just look at the mainstream top-selling lists, I'm probably not interested in 95% of it.

As for actually playing them.. It's the same with EVE.. I don't play them nearly enough. Just a few hours a week really. I've played quite a bit of Team Fortress 2 though and I also love Civilization 4, World of Goo, Left 4 Dead, Defcon. I also still really want to get into some of the Paradox Interactive games, plus there's Empire: Total War... My favourite game? Deus Ex, easy.

What do you blog about, and why?

Unlike many others in the blog-packI don't really write stories about my own experiences in EVE, I not only write just about EVE, I also write about other games that inspire me to.. well.. write about it. But EVE is definetly one of the most fascinating games out there in this world and I often end up drawing comparisons to it when writing about other games. I also like to theorize a bit about the whole sandbox concept and I like to give my perspective on it, as I think it often differs a bit from most other people, although I must say I have barely written any posts about that yet, I'm still planning to. I actually keep a huge 'to-do' with stuff I want to write about for my blog.

Why blog? I don’t really know really, I don’t know why I write what I write. Sometimes the need just seems to be there. It’s not just about ego fulfillment by people reading it, although people reading and commenting on your blog can surely motivate me to write more. But even without anyone ever visiting my blog I’d probably write there every now and then. It’s good to have a place where you can express yourself on any subject you like, to share your ideas or that article/video which ‘moved’ you at that moment.

What are your other interests?

There are quite a lot. I'm a political science student, so I do take some interest in that obviously. I love music and couldn't live without, from Bob Dylan to obscure punk bands. I kind of 'grew up' with punk music, but I can listen to anything, I do look for some sort of 'pureness' in music though. Movies, books. I also love the internet, guess I spend quite a lot of time on it. I love people, sounds silly, but silly situations and random conversations with unkown people can really make my day. Guess I do find social dynamics rather fascinating.

What advice do you have for EVE players who are struggling to stay motivated?

I think people should know that EVE is all about freedom and creating your own path (and fun!), don't hang out there doing missions in high-sec and think that's all there is, because even while mission-running might be entertaining enough for many, the brilliance of EVE lies elsewhere. Play with other people, explore the possibilities. If you haven't already, I suggest you read my 'must-read' articles I listed here some time ago. To me, they really help to explain the greatness of EVE.

But as for motivation. Probably a lot of people have a bit of problem with that. EVE Online is quite intense on your mind and it requires you to put effort in it. It's a bit like having to choose between reading a relatively difficult and thought-provoking book or a simple popular pageturner. There's nothing wrong with mindless entertainment every now and then, but it's better to challenge yourself as that is where you really develop yourself. So if you have to choose between playing EVE Online or any other MMO (/game), go for EVE Online as it'll make you a better person.

Hehe, that sounded quite pretentious. But there's some truth in it.

Anything else to offer?

Ah well, guess you've read more than enough by now. Thanks for that by the way, I really appriciate people reading my gibberish. Oh, I do have a second blog that covers my 'other interests'. Good I didn't forget.

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