Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blogger Profiles #23 - Quintrala

Welcome to yet another profile of an Eve Blogger! Please check out the list of Eve Bloggers so you can enjoy getting to know a few of the others as well.
What is your character's name or handle?

I am Catherine DELOROIS but please, call me Quintrala or just plain Quin.

What is your blog's URL?

How long have you been blogging?

Oh, I started my first blog all the way back in January 2009 I think so by now it would be... two months. Almost.

What region of EVE do you mostly operate in?

Metropolis, Tash-Murkon, Sinq Laison and other regions in between. Commute sucks.

When did you start playing EVE?

When, for RL reasons, I was both down and bored out of my mind and someone brought this science-fiction game for grownups to my attention. It was late 2006. Still looking for the grownups, hahaha. Sorry, not true. You rock, New Eden.

What do you enjoy about EVE?

You can live a life in space - absolute freedom. Wanna be a pirate? Be a pirate. Wanna rule an empire? Start working now. Wanna roleplay? Be all you can be. Wanna be a miner? Go see a shrink.

This freedom translates in me being able to develop as a character, to live a (pretend) life in space. People and environment around me change and I will live, change and react to those changes (this also means that I must be very close to my character, in order to RP well. Sort of acting.).

Again, the spaceships are fake but the people interaction is real so you have this 'Personality Lab 101' in which you can try things you would not normally risk IRL like, always nice / wicked witch / the other woman / crazy scientist / outlaw wench

What is your playstyle?

Social. I am a charisma tanker. I am a pro racer too.

It is all about the people, not the spaceships (the MM in MMORPG). You can have so many people running around and doing their own thing, but when you get them together, wonderful things happen: the roleplay, the fiction and stuff you get to write -and have fun with- are accessories to bring people together. Fun accessories. Team playing, alliances, corps... it is all in the people.

I race professionally, I spend a lot of my time doing race-related stuff (more than half my time, does that make me a pro?). The weekly race is just the tip of the iceberg, but it does require training, rigs, modules, testing stuff and having crazy ideas. If you add team cheering, organizing and sponsorship (it takes money, you know -a top racing interceptor may cost up to 1 billion) and lately taking over some Racing League PR responsibilities...

Also, roleplay to some extent wherever I go. I intentionally play and roleplay nice and sweet; it's sort of refreshing in a universe full of ugly and mean. No, really, people think it is a joke but I find it is fun to play that. Unusual. On the surface I am a star-hugging peacenik that looks for ways to play nice and appease conflict. Below the surface I am just a regular person, flaws and all, and shades of grey; nice and sweet is just some defense mechanism you acquire growing up an expat with three national backgrounds and no place you really feel like home.

I try to stay in-character as much as I can. Other than the expat thing my background is intentionally vanilla-flavoured, sort of girl-next-pod. Whatever thing extraodinaire I will ever brag about, I must first earn in-game; importance is something other people attribute to you. Whatever changes my nice fluffy IC life, too, should be an in-game influence. Which basically has kept me from FW, PvP and shooting people in the face. Oh, but there will be time for that -hey, I am not really that nice. People change, characters do too.

Also... wait, are we running out of time here? Sorry.

Do you play any other games?

I am one of the few, the proud to have never played WoW.

Otherwise, there is a Wii at home: WiiFit, does that count as a game? Mario Kart. Other stuff occasionally, some time ago. Sim stuff, Spore.

Nah, EVE is what I play almost exclusively.

What do you blog about, and why?

My life in space (IC), growing up a diplo-brat -in space-, fiction (I have this hyper-active imagination), racing stories (that's my only major accomplishment in EvE, being like a Danica Patrick of New Eden), a bit of OOC. I, ah, "map" stuff from RL to IC, sometimes I write about my own experience or memories, sometimes about someone else's. Yup, the ideas behind gossip, water and the iguana stuff happened for real; I still remember part of that recipe, ew.

It is funny how, in order to fully be part of the blogging community you have to go OOC once in a while, otherwise there is this sort of invisible barrier that is very difficult to cross. Mystic Pizza comes to mind as an exception, it takes talent to craft a message in such a way that it has an IC meaning for the story and a OOC meaning for the community. Maybe I will try doing that later.

What are your other interests?

Hmmm... my family and friends, reading, movies, skiing, cycling, wine, cooking, dancing, scuba diving, sightseeing and travel travel travel. I love Sci-fi, my current favorite being BSG -have you seen how many roles each character gets to play?

What advice do you have for EVE players who are struggling to stay motivated?

Take it easy, do not burn yourself out. This is a game, not a job. If you feel you are sort of burning out, then take a few days, or a couple of months and come back. It is still going to be there. Also, there are so many different things to try, why no take it slow and try a new one. You choose what to do and you choose the pace and you choose your people in-game.

Ah... and do not biomass your character. You will regret it if you do.

Anything else to offer?

Hahaha, that would fill an entire post, or a blog. I will choose one: what about come join the races, at least give it a try?


  1. Another non-Wow'er here. Nice to learn more about Quin. Her blog is highly recommended!

  2. Another good bio. Interesting characters and players seem to be falling from the ceiling of late.

    Looking forward to experiencing this racing for myself soon :)

  3. Ah, thanks Alexia both for posting this and for standing my pestering you ;)

    Thanks for your comments Mynxee and Bio!

    Not that I have anything against WoW, just avoided it because of it being too addictive with its gameplay and socializing and stories and stuff. Wowholism.

    Right, so I ended up in EVE ;)


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