Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blogger Profiles #21 - Ga'len

Welcome to yet another profile of an Eve Blogger! Please check out the list of Eve Bloggers so you can enjoy getting to know a few of the others as well.

Our latest blogger is also known as The Wandering Druid, and he's been quite busy and helpful for the Eve Blogosphere, as well as having his finger on the pulse of new Eve blogs. Please enjoy...
What is your character's name or handle?

Ga'len (pronounces Ga Len)

What is your blog's URL?

How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging about EVE since January 5, 2007, kept a personal blog from March of 1997.

What region of EVE do you mostly operate in?

I wander a bit, but my current home is in Sinq Laison.

When did you start playing EVE?

I started back with a trial in 2003, picked it up again in March of 2006.

What do you enjoy about EVE?

EVE is a game where you have to use your brain quite a lot. I hate games that are grind based. EVE is brain based and that's what drew me in.

What is your playstyle?

I am a pirate, yarr!!!

Do you play any other games?

Yes, yes I do play other games. I like to play Chess, any Star Wars game (except for SWG, left that when NGE hit).

What do you blog about, and why?

I blog about PvP engagements, the goings on in the EVE community and my perspective on the game. I like to think that I can look at things with a different set of eyes than most EVE players. I am 35 years old and in my experience, most EVE players are a tad younger than I am. I've been around the Internet since before it was a public place for people to meet and exchange ideas. No matter what you think and how you express yourself, there is someone who is looking to read about what you think and feel. Adding your 'verse' to the 'powerful play that goes on' is something that appeals to me. I maintain the OPML download of EVE blogs ( for this very reason. There are many blogs out there that are not as active as the members of the EVE Blog Pack. Some of these blogs have been inactive for some time, but their content is worth reading.

What are your other interests?

I like to cook, spend time exploring the real world with my wife, spend time playing with our dog and I love going to the movies.

What advice do you have for EVE players who are struggling to stay motivated?

You have to ask yourself what do you want to receive from this game. You also have to understand that EVE is not meant to be played as a solo game for the majority of the game content. It's meant to be a social interaction. If you are looking for something where you can do most things all on your own, then EVE is not for you. If you find that you simply are getting bored with the game, then you really need to look at who you are spending your time with in the game. Many people end up leaving the game because the corporation they are a member of is just not active in their time zone or does not cater to their play style.

Experiment, try different things, join up with another corporation with an alt or your main. Create a industrialist character or a combat character, try things out. There is a lot to do in the EVE universe and you own it to yourself to explore the game.

Anything else to offer?

Like I have said many times, try different things. Explore the game, move about. Don't be afraid of loosing a ship as that's part of the game. Enjoy yourself, that's the whole point!!


  1. Hey mate, thanx for the props!!!!

    And om Ga'len's birthday no doubt!!! WOOHOO, Ga'len is 3 years old today!!!!

  2. Great bio man.

    "most EVE players are a tad younger than I am." I am obviously not 'most' then :D LOL. Young man!

    BTW as you commented on the older styled 'internet' do you by any chance recal private company numbers at max price per minute that we used to connect to the BBS 200 miles away? Fido? Such like :D

  3. Biomassed....referring to the old FIDOnet BBS network? Yes, I remember those days. WWIV BBS software, TradeWars 2002 and the Food Fight BBS games. The good ole days.

    I started my time on the BBS scene with my Atari 520 ST and a 1200 Novatel modem. I thought things were awesome when I got that Hayes SmartModem HST 9600.


  4. Thats the one :) Mine was via a plethora of Amiga machines though, and I recall the 2400 baud being godly! LOL.

    Squirrel Interfaces. 1200Ts with picasso GFX cards. Graffiti walls! Eeeh Gads man :)

  5. I got onto the internet with my awesome 28,800 modem... Those were the days...

  6. 28.8 baud, wow you lived in the lap of luxury :)


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