Friday, February 6, 2009

This is one of the nicest things...

...anyone has ever said about me!
In my time as an Eve blogger I have had the great pleasure to meet some truly nice individuals. Most of them, but not all, are linked over on the right of this blog. One of those stands out a little from the rest with his (I think she is a him in RL!?) constant friendly promotion of others work whilst never attempting to draw the attention back to there own work. I speak of Alexia Morgan and the blog Punishment.
Thanks Biomassed, you're awesome. :D


  1. He seemed to be a little confused about the gender of his pronouns, though.

    For the record, I refer to characters in EVE, as with Second Life avatars, by the gender they present. Therefore, when I refer to Alexia, it's always "she."

  2. Erbo confuses me and his avatar is scary! :p

    She is a he isnt she/he? If he is a she then a she, she is and not a he. Erm...

    Your welcome Alexia :D

    Damn, I am really confused now.. need more beer!


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