Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snapshot of Eve - 17 February 2009

Welcome to the latest snapshot of the major topics that people are discussing within the Eve Online forums. To see other snapshots, click on the 'snapshot' tag in the Tag Cloud. The rules of the snapshot are here.

Since there was absolutely no feedback whatsoever on my addition of Corporation, Alliance and Organisation Discussions, I've decided to remove it.

My next request for feedback is: are these snapshots of use to you? Am I wasting my time doing them? Are you already keeping up with the forums and have no need for these snapshots?

Please let me know your thoughts in the Comments, thank you.






  1. I'm a regular to your site, but i'm only current on about 1/2 of the forums. I like the snapshots to keep me updated on the big items in the forums I don't visit often.

  2. Awesome! If there's one person who finds it worthwhile, then it's worthwhile. It continues!


  3. I do use the links provided, if only to see what the subject is. I do follow the forums on occasion, however.

    What I really want is someone to distill the developer responses buried in the forums in to some easily readable context. Is there something like that out there?

  4. yeh, I want that too, but CCP haven't set up an RSS feed for that. Maybe one day...

  5. To be honest, I do not think you need CAOD section, Alex. General section of EVE forums covers the important topics from there in much more serious way. Some alliances up to it have forbidden to post in there.

  6. Hey I love thses snapshots, but I just don't comment, or forget to anyways, because I'm lost in the sea of whining, flaming, and trolling!


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