Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snapshot of Dev Finder - 24 February 2009

One of the things that has been lacking is an RSS feed of the Eve developer's activity in the forums. It's available on the Eve website, but it's just not accessible via RSS or any blogs, so I've been thinking about it. I've decided to include their Dev Finder updates as a snapshot in this blog as well.

When they update it, I'll update this blog. That will allow the dev updates to at least be available to everyone else via RSS, via this site.

14:06 Fallout introduces a New Blog from Mindstar: Hardware Upgrades!
14:05 Fendahl replies to a huge amount of player queries regarding the new fitting screen for Apocrypha.
14:03 Greyscale answers a large amount of player questions regarding wormholes and scanning.
14:02 Abraxas presents a new End of the World Chronicle: "The Great Harvest".
14:01 Gangleri answers multiple player queries regarding the new character creation and bloodlines.
14:00 Chronotis gives an overview of starbase system security level anchoring restrictions, comments on the supply/demand of resources and a guide to prices of Strategic Cruisers.
13:58 Fallout introduces a New Blog by Chronotis How do I build a strategic cruiser?
13:56 Abathur answers player queries regarding wormholes.
13:44 Prism X explains the mechanics behind how players will be able to exist wormhole space if they have no probes.
13:32 Oneiromancer provides a listing of Apocrypha testing known issues and workarounds for build 79298.
13:26 Chronotis provides some general comments on the use of starbases and low security space for different aspects of Tech 3 production.
13:18 Chronotis answers several player queries in the Tech 3 production thread.
12:59 Fallout introduces a New Dev Blog by Nozh: Strategic Cruisers.
12:56 Fear explains changes to the skill learning system with the release of Apocrypha.
12:54 Chronotis confirms that the component assembly array material multiplier has been reduced to 1.0 witn apocrypha.

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  1. Nice work. Very informative for we who are too lazy to watch forums.


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