Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sex in Eve Online

Is there any?

I know there is in other games, where people can identify themselves with their avatars, and can remove clothes, dance, and engage in suggestive poses which have occasionally led to in-game 'sexual activities'.

I'm expecting similar things when CCP brings out 'ambulation', and we can all roam the corridors of stations in our underwear, or hang out in rooms and dance naked for the sweaty masses...

Hey, some people get a kick out that kind of thing...

But I'm interested in finding out if anyone's had 'cybersex' in Eve Online, where you might have engaged in hot and steamy chat with anyone else in the game.

Please leave your stories or thoughts or comments - and yes, you can select 'anonymous' if you prefer. :)


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if it does happen but I bet it happens a lot less than in other MMO's. In other MMO's, there's generally a higher male to female ration and I would assume people are more likely to have some hot and sweaty cybersex if they're character models involved.
    Something tells me that a character portrait and a ship won't really do much for anyone. Well, with the exception of the Thorax haha.

  2. I've gotten a fair few offers from (presumably) guys who know I'm a female (either because they've heard me on Vent or believe what they read), but politely declined them. It amuses me, to tell the truth. But while I like to flirt a lot and even joke about cybering, uh, no...just NO. I have a feeling that our WiS avatars will probably be anatomically vague or unable to remove undergarments. NPCs (strippers, for example) might not have quite so many restrictions. Guess we'll find out! *makes plans to open Hellcats Hot Tub Cafe*

  3. Oooh man this is sooo up my alley.

    A while back when I was a DJ on a then, community radio station I used to attempt to run a system of real girls who would cyber for isk to the gents. It never really took off despite having three girls, one the now stable GF on myself, more than willing to do this.

    One of the chars still has the rates in her Bio :)

    Her current rates are
    Vanilla: 3 mill ISK per half hour
    Submission/Domination: 4 million ISK per half hour.
    Other fetishes will be considered for 5 million ISK per half hour

    Should you not find half an hour satisfactory you can extend the period up front, or within 5 min of the time ending, for another half hour. Longer arrangments can be discussed. Please EVE-mail me with any questions.

    Money are to be payed up front and are non refundable should you not be able to sit through the entire session. Should I not hold my part of the bargin all money payed will be refunded. I also encourage customers to set a positive standing against me if they have been happy with my services.

    All races and both genders are accepted.
    EVE-mail for an appointment, or message me if my COMs are on.

    (NB: This is a roleplaying character, please, put the RP back in MMOG! Please, no minors)


    As you can see, even Eve has had her pimps and whores ready to cyber away :)

    Lemmie know if you need more info.

    Damn I am smiling now over memories of my pimping days.

    Oh yeah, the girl just told me that those rates are old now and should I start it up again then inflation will occur, lol.

  4. *reassesses viability of cybering*

  5. [08:56:19] Girlygirl > gently brushes up against the wall and bends ... dropping her space armor

    [09:00:18] Girlygirl > saunters over to the bed, and sits, reaching for her bootstraps she forces the linching to stop, a long days work ended,

    [09:11:22] Girlygirl > pulls off one boot and kicks off her other boot with her socked foot, reaching down to unbuckle her belt, loosening the battel worn pants that were in need of repair

    [09:18:37] Girlygirl > tugs firmly on her belt, pulling through the pant holds, zZzip, pop* her pants opened as they headed destined for the roof (space joke lol! )

    [09:21:41] Girlygirl > walks softly over to the Holographic HUd and puches in Duckeye's speedial number

    ...then it went from there, names were changed to protect the fact that I want to keep her to myself.

    Let me know if you guys do create a service though, I would be happy to use it.

  6. Hmm! Never encountered this, but, should Walking in Stations bring these kind of situations about, Selena and I will likely know how to deal with them, due to our SL background.

    Oh Mynxee...if you open the Hot Tub Cafe, and there's some way you can associate an Internet audio stream with the place, I may have to offer my services as DJ on occasion. For the right price, of course. Now, I just have to work out how much my usual fee in Linden Dollars would come to in ISK... :-)

  7. Miss Alexia,
    Sex in New Eden ? It is rare but yes. I have been role-playing in EVE since I started and I meet a woman in one adventure and one thing lead to the other. I can assure you it was very hot, well mostly only in words, but....I lost her and I damn miss her and miss what we had. We still write to each other outside EVE, but she stopped playing EVE because she was tired of being treated in a very bad way just because she is a real woman. She said I was the only man that treated her with respect. Well, there is
    many guys whining about this and my wing men did envy me, but it is their own problem.
    Treat women better, do not always use foul senseless pre-mature language, do not harass, do not react like a teenage geek with pimples on your bottom. I try to live in New Eden as I do in RL, when it comes to this -I ROLE-PLAY in EVE and that will of course be the only way to have a relation in the game. It will be more easy when walking in station comes up - and Im waiting for that !
    My character like women and show it - Just pray that CCP will create avatars that can be played realistic.
    If mass murder, violence in general, and foul behaviour can be tolerated I think it is a very grave double-morale thinking if sex can not
    be tolerated also. EVE should be 18+ anyway.
    Fly safe, Orm.

  8. Uhm i admit myself guilty of having cybered in eve. I was damn horny that evening and yeah i did it with this hot chick.
    But i´m usually not searching for this kind of pleasure while playing eve.

  9. any corps based around anything like this?

  10. I get offers from guys, sometimes serious, but usually they are joking. I think its just part of life, although I guess it happens more online than off. lol, that last sentence kind of makes me laugh.

  11. bah... all you guys who had durty chat with those "girls", I feel... umm actualy, hahhaha.


  13. You misspelled that, it's

    And bravo for filling a niche.

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  15. The answer is YES, cyber happen in EVE. Beats the hell out of spinning ships.
    All my best fan-fic stories come from varying degrees of cyber "scenes". Mostly role-playing with friends and it just goes "there". Some I know have RP "relationships" some long-term others just hook-ups. Not all that do it get paid and most I know would be insulted if isk were offered.
    When people find out that I write EVE erotica fan fiction, they tell me about some of their "experiences" some are out right hilarious others are disturbing to even the most open minded. It really just comes down to what one's kink is.

  16. Does spinning the hell outa your thorax in station count as cybering?


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