Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Punishers' new corp HQ

I realised tonight that I didn't have a corp office or HQ. How embarrassing! So I went to all the stations in Gelfiven (Molden Heath) that had medical facilities. Not a single one of them had any office space available!

So I went to Teonosude, and tried to do the same thing. There was one available, but the landlord wanted 10 MILLION ISK per month.

'Screw you, buddy!' I told him, walking away in disgust. He only shrugged, and went back to his sloppy meat pie. Unfortunately, there would be someone coming along soon, stupid enough to pay that kind of money. Not me though.

So I went back to Gelfiven and went to some of the stations that didn't have a medical facility. I found some office space, and for a good price of only 10,000 ISK per month. Much more reasonable.

So I now have a new office, and established a HQ there. I'll set up the corp hangars later tomorrow, it's not like I need them just now.

But if anyone wants to join The Punishers, at least now they have somewhere to join and to operate from. They'll just have to use one of the other stations in the system as a place to store their clones...

The Punishers HQ: Gelfiven V - Joint Harvesting Food Packaging


  1. Ha! The price of med facility! Grats on HQ!

  2. Right. The Ralpha Dogs presently do much the same thing; the HQ is in Assiad, but our clones have to be parked one system over, in Rumida, because neither station in Assiad has clone facilities.

  3. I'm paying something around 50-60m for an office in Emolgranlan. It's nuts, but worthwhile.

    Btw, you can place your HQ anywhere really, you don't need to sustain an office at the HQ location. I bought a cheapo office in Pain over in solitude to setup an HQ there, and haven't payed the fees since. =)

  4. Don't you need an office for people to join the corp?


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