Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eve Chick's Eve Blogger Profiles

Eve Chick has been hard at work with some changes to her blog, and it's very exciting to see what she's been doing! She's excited about promoting the Eve Blogger Profiles I've been publishing so she's done something really special to help supplement it.

Like my blog, she's got a list of all the Blogger Profiles that are published here, but unlike my blog, she's also included thumbnail screenshots of each of the blogs that are linked from the profiles.

Now how cool is that? Well, in case you're not sure, it's VERY COOL!

Go check it out - Eve Blogger Profiles.

And just 'cause I like using thumbnails too, here's a thumbnail of her page of thumbnails. :)

Thanks Eve Chick for helping promote the profiles!


  1. That's neat...cool to see how many use black backgrounds.

  2. Very cool. I prefer black background as it's easier on the eyes, however variety is spice, etc.


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