Friday, February 6, 2009

The Eve Bloggers portal

I had an idea to develop an 'entry point' (a portal) into the Eve Blogger's community. The idea started less than a week ago, and gnawed at me... I engaged in discussion with someone who I discovered had already come up with the idea themselves, but didn't have the time to build it. Feedback was good however, so I was encouraged to continue. I bought the domain and hinted at my plans in Twitter. I talked to some others who loved what I planned. I researched and discovered and developed and talked and developed some more and implemented and then...

The site went live this morning!

I'm really excited with what I've done, and how it looks. It's exactly as I imagined it to be, and that makes me happy. :)

Please note that this is day 1. As the days, weeks, months and hopefully years go by, it's going to change and evolve.

I hope it gets a lot of attention, and I hope everyone can give me some feedback on what they think should be on there. Please send all your suggestions and thoughts to so that I can consider them, and use them to help develop this site.

This is a site for the community of Eve Bloggers and Eve players, to help spread information amongst everyone that's playing Eve Online. It requires your support to help it grow, so please provide feedback (you can do so in the comments to this post if you want, or by email), and please, please, please promote it on your own blogs.

Thank you!

PS. Thank you to those who I spoke to about this over the past week. Your feedback and support was invaluable: Smakalicious, LurbyJo, and Ulfskein Gangr. Thanks guys!


  1. Fuck yeah! This is rockin'! *cheers for you*

  2. Excellent work! Added to the "EVE Blogger Resources" text box in the Ralpha Dogs' sidebar.

  3. Thank you for a new browser startpage. :)

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  5. Woops, pressed submit a bit too early. What I wanted to say was that I think it is an awesome idea to centralize all the blogs + news feeds and more in one neat looking page. Link to it added on my blog.

  6. Looks great, keep up the good work!

  7. This is great.

    Some possible suggestions have been sent.


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