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Blogger Profiles #19 - L’einad Imperia

Welcome to yet another profile of an Eve Blogger! Please check out the list of Eve Bloggers so you can enjoy getting to know a few of the others as well.

New Eden Diaries is a brand new blog with only 2 posts so far, but I'm expecting big things out of them! The look of their site is very cool, and since they've put so much effort into it, that's why I'm expecting a lot of effort in their posts. This is a blog to keep an eye on. :)
What is your character's name or handle?

My main character is L’einad Imperia, but I also currently have 3 other ‘semi-mains’ all on different accounts. They are Amenia K’halli, Jaidar Ysari, and Garzi Junan’nk.

Though most people I associate with in game call my Cyber...since that was the prefix for most of my characters before I had my latest revelation of starting all over from scratch.

What is your blog's URL?

How long have you been blogging?

The blog mentioned in the question about is my newest blog and was started 21 January 2009. I have been in the [non-Eve] blogging community off and on for about 4 years now, but The New Eden Diaries is currently my only active blog.

What region of EVE do you mostly operate in?

It’s changed a few times since I’ve been playing, but for now (and the foreseeable future) I am located in Heimatar/Metropolis.

When did you start playing EVE?

November 2007, though I have taken a few little breaks since then.

What do you enjoy about EVE?

The depth of the game overall. EVE is huge…and I like big stuff. Being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want is an awesome feature to have in an MMO…and EVE provides that. I also enjoy the fact that the economy of EVE is so realistic…finance and building/crafts are some of my favorite things to do out of game, so it makes sense that in game I find joy in the same type of things.

What is your playstyle?

I’m really all over the place. I started the game wanting to fight, then I started mining, then producing, and eventually missioning. Right now I’ve got 4 characters that I’m training to do a multitude of things. But overall I would say I’m more of a carebear with an urge to start killing people one of these days…

Do you play any other games?

From time to time I do. I have a Wii and a 360, which I get on to play sometimes when I just feel like doing some loner stuff…or possibly to get online with my brother and kick it with some Fable 2 or Two Worlds. I also play Lord of the Rings Online sometimes…it’s a family game for me, as I got my wife, 2 brothers, mother, father, and one cousin all hooked to it so I could game for hours on end without feeling guilty anymore…and surprisingly it worked!

I also play board games from time to time (a wife and 2 young daughters…), it’s always fun to sit down from time to time and just have a family fun night.

What do you blog about, and why?

At the moment I blog about my experiences in EVE…because I realized lately that I really love to write…and I figured I’d do it about something I’ve been doing a lot of latey…EVE. In the past I’ve blogged about everything from finances or live experiences, to just completely random things that popped into my headed.

What are your other interests?

I love to read…though I don’t get nearly enough time these days to do as much as I’d like. I am also a graphics designer in my spare time, as well as dabbling a bit in website creation.

What advice do you have for EVE players who are struggling to stay motivated?

I recently had this problem (in fact, my new blog, and in fact this bio; is a result of it. I had been playing EVE for a while just to play the game and earn isk…instead of playing it to have fun. My advice would be that if you aren’t having fun…change what you are doing. Don’t be scared to trying something new, or of losing your isk…it’s a game, and it’s easy to make it back. Make yourself a list of goals (not just skill goals…) and work to achieve them…not by the quickest route…but by the most enjoyable one.

Sometimes it’s fun to jump in a quick frigate (with no implants in your head…jump clone anyone?) and head out into 0.0 just to see how far you can get one day…

Anything else to offer?

Not much really, just to mention that I love to chat, so if anyone ever has anything to say about my blog, or articles in it…feel free to comment, or contact me in-game. I also love to help out where I can. Plus, of course I’ll need to give a shout-out to the folks over at Syrkos Technologies…my corporation that I’ve been with for quite some time now…built for the loner that’s looking for friends.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I wasn't expecting it to be posted so quickly...guess I better get to work :D (been sick this past week so didn't get as active as soon as I was hoping).


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