Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Apocrypha on the test server

A lot of people are getting all excited by the new Tech 3 ships available on Sisi, the test server, along with new graphics for various other areas of the game. Everyone's talking about it, and everyone's posting about it.

I'm not.

Oh wait, I think I am now...

Ok, fine. I'm posting about it.

But I'm not getting into the hype myself. I'm just going to wait until March, when it's released live. I'm not reading posts about it (much), and I'm definitely not looking at any of the images being displayed of the new ships.

I want Eve Online to be about my own personal experience. I read posts written by others that relate to what I want to experience for myself. I read some fiction, but not a lot. I read articles and guides that help me play better.

Eve Online is all about me, and my experience of it. And what I write is based upon what I experience, and how I might be able to use that to educate or entertain others in some way.

I have no time or interest to log onto the test server, so whatever is there is outside of my personal experience. I'm perfectly happy to enjoy the experience when it comes to Tranquility, but until then, I'll enjoy whatever the experience is at the moment.

So this is a heads up that I won't be writing about Tech 3 or Apocrypha. Apart from this post... Oh, whatever.

I return you to your normally scheduled programming. Whatever that might be.


  1. I sit back, watch screenshots and movies from the test server and enjoy EVE as it is right now as well. I've never liked hypes much. They always seem to ruin the end result no matter how good that is.

    ...I do however like the pretty new graphics, probe mechanic changes and stat redistribution :D

  2. I decided to post about it as a) I was on the test server, and b) I like pictures on my blog :D

    I go on the test server quite a lot. Often to test a setup or drop a new pos upgrade etc. It can be handy when used as a tool, as an info site though its pretty useless. Everything I blogged about the other day is subject to change on a whim so may already be out of date.

  3. I can relate to this. When I write about new stuff, it's always about how it affects me ingame. When I wrote about the Orca, it was after buying one on Tranquility and using it. Apocrypha will not be any different - I am eager to discover it, but not to the point of replicating what little news everybody has on what's coming and what not.

    In my eyes, the test server is a great tool if you need to take a decision like whether it is worthwile to start skilling up for upcoming feature XY. Beyond that, I have no interest in it either.

    Besides, when I will write about Apocrypha, it will not be about Apocrypha itself. It will be about that great wormhole experience or that T3 ship I fitted. It won't be a post for the sake of the expansion :)


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