Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who am I?

People often think they are their body, or their name... But it's not true.

Who we are is based on what we do, rather than what we are.

I was a slave. But that's not who I am. I was beaten and tortured by the Amarr, leaving me a shattered shell of my former self. But I was not that shell.

What we do is not based on the body or the experiences we have. Naturally they have an influence, but they are not the determining factors.

No, what we do is a result of the choices we make - and that happens in our minds. We choose what to do - our body or environment does not make those choices for us.

We can choose to free ourselves of those emotional attachments we have to physical things. Like our attachment to our body, for example.

While the body can feel pain, or addiction, the mind can be free of those things. The mind can make different choices, imagine different realities. The mind can go where the body can't.

Imagine eating a lemon. No, really imagine it. Imagine biting into it, and the bitter, tangy juice washing over your tongue. Imagine the taste causing your lips to purse together at the bitterness.

As you imagine this, your mouth and your tongue will react as if you are actually eating it. Your body physically reacts to your imagination as if the experience was real, but without needing to go through the physical experience.

Your mind can determine your reality. You can create your reality. Nothing can hold you back if you want something - all you need to do is just imagine it.

I imagined my freedom. I imagined it so much, that in my mind, I was free. And then, oddly, my reality began to change. Opportunities arose that I at first didn't take advantage of - opportunities to make my imagined freedom a reality.

It wasn't until an Amarrian soldier literally slapped me in the face and told me to run, that I realised what was happening.

My imagination had created my reality.

I was a slave because I grew up as a slave, and that's all I knew. My physical reality continued to reflect my inner reality. It's only when my inner reality changed, that my physical reality followed.

Who am I?

I am free. I am in control. I will never be a slave to anyone, or anything. I choose it.

This is my story, and my future will be up to me.

Who are you?


  1. Aw, another Matari with a troubled past. Those dastardly Amarr seriously need to take some child rearing lessons.

    Great writeup! Looking forward to MOAR.


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