Monday, January 12, 2009

Twitter users

Here's a list of Eve Online users who play the game and are on Twitter. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it includes the most prominent of the Eve bloggers and players. As more become apparent, I will upgrade this list. If you would like to be added to it, please add your Twitter username in a comment to this post.
  1. Alexia_Morgan
  2. andyf1702
  3. AnMith - (used to be Serioussally)
  4. ArmonDeacon - new!
  5. CCP Games
  6. couzin2000
  7. CrazyKinux
  8. Cussbeard
  9. DawnOfEve
  10. Delta7Red
  11. Emywn
  12. erbo
  13. evewarrior
  14. Galen_Druid
  15. Gjmatt
  16. Godlesswanderer
  17. Jaelin Duvo
  18. Jamesegan
  19. Jamesspellman
  20. johncalvinhall
  21. krmaxwell
  22. LurbyJo
  23. Mordozan - new!
  24. Mynxee
  25. NHBoehm
  26. nick_macedo
  27. Ombey
  28. PsycheDiver
  29. Rettic - new!
  30. RiotRick - new!
  31. Roeth68 - new!
  32. Scopique
  33. Selenalore
  34. SiliconBuddha
  35. Smakalicious
  36. Smug Baldy - new!
  37. wensley
  38. xiphos83
  39. YoMma


  1. Add johncalvinhall to your list if you would.

    Gabriel Theodoulos

  2. I did something like this back in December (well, I tried) but it looks like you had more success than me. Since it'll be pretty pointless there being two lists, I'll just go ahead and edit my post and add a link to this one.

  3. TheDawnOfEve

    Getting all my soshul obligayshuns cawt up

    Thanks for the list!

  4. Add Smug Baldy - I've been blogging for quite a while now, although I should probably be writing more about EvE. I'm in the Intrepid Crossing Alliance, and have been part of the 5-month war with Red Alliance & company. Lots of fun.

  5. Rettic.

    I was looking for this very thing. Thanks for putting it together.

  6. FYI - Serioussally is now AnMith

  7. My twitter name is eve_riotrick. Also take a loot at:

  8. @PudTugger here. I'm always snooping around. Blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, in Game, whatever.


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