Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Rifter guide for solo PVP

Awesome! Now that I'm flying a Rifter and building my skills, I need to learn how to fly this ship I've never flown before. So far I'm doing well punishing those damn rats. They deserve all the punishment I can give them, I kid you not. The number of innocent Minmatar they've sold to the Amarr is just atrocious...

Sorry, I'm getting carried away....

Eventually I will need to fly my Rifter against the Amarr, and those who ally with them. Real pilots, not just those belt rats.

Wensley has crafted a superb guide to using the Rifter in solo PVP. Read it, if you're a Rifter pilot. You'll become better at it. Unless you're Amarr... you can go die in a hole somewhere.


  1. I'll challenge you in something. Not sure what, but bring it ;)

  2. The Rifter was and still is my first love when it comes to pirate vessels. I got my first pvp kill in a rifter and it won't be my last. I can't imagine a better pirate ship amoungst the frigates of eve.


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