Monday, January 5, 2009


So I was cruising Empire space last night in my Rifter, looking for some of those Angel Cartel rats, but there just wasn't any in the belts I was searching. Lots of pilots mining, but no rats. So I went across to the next system, and cruised around the belts there too. I quickly found some, and began dealing out the punishment.

As I was looting their wrecks, a couple of Slasher pilots warped into the belt and started moving over towards my wrecks. I thought I'd check their bio's to see if they were new. Sure enough, they were, both less than 3 days old. I figured I might see if I can scare them into firing on me, allowing Concord to kick their butts.

Hey, it's worked before, so I'll keep on trying it.

I activated my afterburners and went into an orbit around one of them, activating my target lock on both. They targeted me back, and we sat there, orbiting each other for a little while.

When they both unlocked me, I guessed they were a little smarter than the average newbie pilot, and then they warped away. I went back to looting my rat wrecks, before heading back to my home station the next system over. I was really tired, so after docking, I went to bed.

This morning, while having breakfast, I decided to go punish some more of those Angel Cartel pirates, and send their stinking carcasses into the firey pits they belong. I entered the same system as last night, and....


Well, will you look at that? It has a security status of 0.4.


After an embarrassed pause, realising I must have been REALLY tired last night, I quickly went into lowsec survival mode. Sitting here at the stargate certainly wouldn't do! I quickly warped to a planet, dropping a bookmark along the way, preparing to create some safe spots.

When I got to the planet, however, someone started talking to me on one of the comm channels I monitor, so I said hello to them and engaged them in conversation.

It wasn't long before a flashy red pirate in a Vagabond appeared at the planet too, and I chuckled to myself. He was 100km away from me, having warped in at 0km.

Remember boys and girls, warp to planets at 100 km. That way you'll avoid nasty pirates trying to jump you at the standard 0 km.

Still chuckling to myself as he tried to microwarpdrive his way to me, I turned around and warped away to the gate I'd just come through. I'd finished my breakfast, and I really should get back to my station and dock. I had a day job to go to.

But still, it was funny that I seemed to have scared those Slasher pilots away... the two of them, each being 3 days old, were still older than me.

I'll be more aware in future. Having flown around Empire space in these new clones the past few weeks has dulled my senses. I'll have to make sure that doesn't happen again.


  1. You rascal you! Up to no good out there I'll warrant!

    Nice tip on the warp to 100km though, I found that out the hard way a while back! :P

  2. Interesting that you've opted to start fresh. Good for you! I've often wondered how I'd do things differently if I could start over again. I hope you'll keep blogging about your experiences.


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