Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lowsec Survival Guide for Rookies

I like sharing good guides when I find them, and am usually only sorry I didn't write them myself. Anyway, here's another good guide I found:


  1. This is a very good guide. I had been a PvEer for years and never dared go into low sec unless absolutely necessary.

    This guide would have changed that.

  2. I used to never be a PVEer and never did it for years, preferring PVP from the very beginning. I'm only getting into PVE now... so much easier than PVP. It's a nice, refreshing break for me. :)

  3. Bit old that guide isn't it. Nanos, istabs and MWD on that BS will make it glow like a anthill on radioactive acid and still move like a whale :)

    Personaly for any travel now I have three simple checks for myself.

    Keep Local up and seperate.
    Omni Tank.
    When on route to the next gate, scan scan and scan.

    I don't tend to scout though hence the forward scan, and I always fit to kill (unless in a barge of course in which case yes I do tend to fly slightly more cautious)

    Anyway, cool link still.

    What we really need in a guide to low sec and 0.0 is a line repeated over and over.

    TRY IT!

    It really isn't that scary and unless your stupid or very unlucky and hit a large camp you may be surprised with your ability. People seem to think that the campers/gankers and pirates have masses of experience compared to them, this is rarely the case from what I have experienced.

    And if ya do lose something, bleh, its only a game :) Ya wouldn't get upset if ya lost your car in GTA, don't fret over a pretend spaceship either, go have some fun!

  4. I reckon, Biomassed, that you should write up a guide of your own. :)

  5. Hah! Then someone like me would be able to come along and pick at my posts! :)

    I did consider it but as they say, everyones an expert and opinions are like assholes. I don't mind being an asshole but I don't wanna be an everyone. I think that makes sense!


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