Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ISK for free

I've been thinking about how I felt when I first started playing back in 2006 and I was helped out by some very generous people. The feeling was fantastic!

I want others to feel that too.

So, I'm going to hand out free ISK to new players.

The rules are simple:
  1. you have to be 2 - 7 days old
That's it.

I want new players to be encouraged to play more, and to feel good about how supportive veteran players are, and to get excited about this game. Great excitement comes from getting a little bit of a hand when you're first starting out.

Now, some of you might want to pay me back for this gift, when you're starting to make a lot of money. Honestly, I won't say no. :) But also honestly, I don't want or need repayment. Paying me back is your choice. A better way of doing it is to pay it forward.

Give someone else who's new a gift to help them get started, make them happy, and encourage new players to really get into this game. Spread the love.

Contact me in-game (Alexia Morgan) with your request. I'll be only too happy to help you out.


  1. I used to do that too, and probably still would if I ran into any young newbies anymore. They don't tend to run around where I normally lag... funny that really. ;-)

  2. I used to hang in some system, hmmm. It was Caldari, forget the name! Was a 1.0. This was a while ago. Anyway...

    I used to take a hauler full of ships etc once a week and donate one at a time to the first person to open a trade window with me that was under 2 weeks old etc. Used to enjoy doing that.

    Mind you, this was when we as a corp used to also proffer advice to the new players and sometimes take them on missions or let them mine with us. We (I) used to be a lot friendlier to them than I tend to be now, afraid I got tired and cynical with them in my old age :(

    Good on you man. These kind of things are always nice to to.

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