Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Carebear's Guide to PVP

I found this Carebear's PVP Guide today, and while most of the guide is good, I wanted to provide some of my own input on the bits that I didn't think were very good at all.

Now, I want you to remember that - it's for those who want to get into player vs. player combat, 'cause knowing that is important in the context of the opinions I have.

Anyway, the format of this post will be that I'll quote something from the guide, and then add my thoughts on it. If you have any thoughts or comments of your own, please feel free to use the Comments section to your heart's content.

Don't Panic!!!

Well, that's going to be impossible to achieve for the new combat pilot. They WILL panic. But panic fades with experience. Until then, expect to lose, and just don't worry about it. When something becomes familiar, it can become a lot easier to respond to, and that's when the successes will begin.

...keep your scout a jump or 2 ahead... if it's a small camp or solo hostile you can attack with the scout to either kill them or draw them off the route.

Bad idea. What's the point of having a scout to avoid hostiles if it's going to get into combat? If it dies, no more scout... Better idea is for the scout to avoid hostile contact at all costs, and only fight if it's trapped. Better to avoid contact and continue scouting, than to die and screw it up for the ones you're scouting for.

The only time a scout should engage against a hostile is if that scout is there to tackle and pin a hostile so they can't get away before the rest of the fleet arrives. This is only a good idea if there's 1 hostile ship that the scout thinks it can successfully tackle. Any more than 1, and the scout will die before the fleet arrives.

...a good commander never leaves anyone behind and will lead the gang into hopeless odds to try and save someone.

I'm sorry, that's just stupid. A good commander knows when to fight and when to withdraw. If someone has been left behind and is being attacked, then better they die than the entire fleet... The one who's dying is going to die anyway, even if the fleet tried to come back for them. At least their sacrifice can help give the fleet time to prepare a counter-attack, or safely withdraw.

I really don't buy into this crap that a successful battle is one where everyone on our side dies. Resources are lost, morale is shattered, and the enemy is emboldened by the victory. It's always better to avoid a loss in order to gain an advantage over the enemy. A good fleet commander will understand this.

Fit for gank always.... WCS are another thing - they have their place and if you are operating alone or behind enemy lines you might fit one...

NO. The only time you should fit a WCS is if you are avoiding PVP. If you are choosing to fight, forget about Warp Core Stabilisers. You can find a better use for those lowslots with gank or tank mods. Fit your ship for combat, not to run away.

This one has taints of an exploit, so don’t use it often. It’s a simple trap though. Everyone logs off bar one and sits at the character selection screen. The map and local don’t know you are there. When hostiles are spotted you all log on and shout "Boo!"

This IS an exploit, but one which CCP are currently unable to do anything about (they can't penalise people for logging on or off...) As far as I'm concerned, this is a very bad thing. Do not do it, or you encourage it being done to you. Also, the more people who do this, the more lag occurs with CCP servers trying to deal with the load of multiple people logging in at the same time, at the same location. It screws things up for everyone.

There are better ways of gate camping than to log off and wait for someone to show up. Doing this just makes you an idiot that obviously can't play the game for what it is, and has to resort to cheating. That's right - cheating, where you're using an out-of-game function to obtain an in-game advantage. Just don't do it.

Apart from all that, very nice guide.

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