Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogger Profiles #11 - Rakkar Than

Welcome to yet another profile of an Eve Blogger! Please check out the list of Eve Bloggers so you can enjoy getting to know a few of the others as well.

Any time a pirate writes about their experiences, I'm an avid follower. The more I can learn about combat, the better! Wreck Count is an excellent blog for just such adventures. Please enjoy...
What is your character's name or handle?

Rakkar Than

What is your blog's URL?

How long have you been blogging?

I've only been writing Wreck Count since September, so about 3 months. I've kept personal blogs since about 2001, though I've never kept them up very well. ;)

What region of EVE do you mostly operate in?

Gallente low-sec, mostly. I spend a good deal of time in Verge Vendor and Placid.

When did you start playing EVE?

My first EVE character was made in late 2004, but after losing a Rifter that I couldn't afford to lose to the level 1 mission Worlds Collide, I quit before my trial was up. I returned months later and created my industrialist alt. I made Rakkar in 2006 as an attempt to return to combat missions.

What do you enjoy about EVE?

Lots. The scenery is amazing, but I'm biased as I've always loved games with sci-fi settings. The design of the game, particularly the market and the way training works; I don't feel I need to put in a 40-hour week of grinding to keep up with everyone else. I always struggled with games like WoW, because my friends always had way more time to play than I did, and I'd fall behind. And I particularly love the shakes I get after a particularly good fight..

What is your playstyle?

I play both an industrialist/trader alt, and a solo low-sec pirate main. I spend more time on my alt than just checking the market and hauling what my main needs delivered, but most of my time is still spent on low-sec roams. I've thought about finding a pirate corp to join, but so far I'm enjoying flying solo.

Do you play any other games?

For MMOs, I also occasionally play Pirates of the Burning Sea, or on very rare occasions, World of Warcraft. I've been playing Fallout 3 lately as well.

What do you blog about, and why?

I started Wreck Count as a way to document my kills and losses, so most of the posts are brief, semi-in-character recountings of what I killed, or how I was killed. I try to interject the occasional post about something else, though so far there haven't been many.

What are your other interests?

Motorcyling, coding, tabletop role-playing games, board games...

What advice do you have for EVE players who are struggling to stay motivated?

Try an alt for a while, focus on a totally different part of the game. Sometimes I find myself lacking motivation to continue my budding pirate career, and I'll focus on my industrialist side for a while. It keeps me playing, and eventually I'll see something in-game that I'll want to try out with Rakkar again.

Anything else to offer?

Fly cheap ships, and never be afraid of taking on another ship that's bigger than you. Either you'll get lucky, or you'll learn something from it. A T1 figate is a small price to pay for either.

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