Saturday, September 10, 2011

PVP members wanted for the Kadavr Black Guard

I've been busy. Not with Eve, but with real life. Work decided to increase my responsibilities and work load (not that I mind!), I've got a new girlfriend (she's become a new 'hobby', and you know how much time hobbies can take up), and we recently went to China together for a holiday. That was quite an enjoyable experience, I tell ya...

But I'm back into it now. And my first task was to tell a new recruit to go somewhere else!

So let me tell you the story...

I'm the Aussie timezone director of the Kadavr Black Guard, a dedicated PVP Corp basing itself in lowsec. We're recruiting people who have had experience with PVP and want to join in on some lowsec action.

However, we're also recruiting people who DON'T have PVP experience too. Basically, if you want to join us, you'd be welcome. But there's a small catch for those who have no experience - you'll have to undergo PVP and survival training.

For that, we're pushing inexperienced (but eager) pilots to join OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship), go through their nullsec survival and PVP training, and successfully graduate. All graduates get a medal to prove they've graduated and can survive and fight in nullsec, and that guarantees automatic membership into the Black Guard.

So I told someone where to go today - to join OUCH! Ironically, they had already been a member of OUCH but failed to graduate before they moved on. They were hoping to join the 'big boys' for PVP, but they were good sports to accept that they needed to rejoin OUCH and complete their training before that would happen.

I also found out one of my fellow directors has a 'Leroy Jenkins' style, but at least he kills a lot more than he loses, so that's ok. And he's an excellent FC, so I can live with that. :)

I'll be developing some Corp policies soon to help ensure that members maximize their wins and minimize their losses. That's the kind of thing I enjoy. :)

If you're interested in joining us, look me up in-game or send me some questions by eve mail. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Kadavr Black Guard

And so starts something new...

I've joined the Kadavr Black Guard this week as one of their directors. After extensive talks with Nashh Kadavr, I've decided to take up the challenge of seeing what I can do in his Corp.

I have a few ideas, which he's agreed to, so the future of the Black Guard could be very interesting indeed. Obviously what I bring to this Corp will be a combination of my past experience and coordinated plans for the future with Nashh... It's his Corp after all. :)

There's a bit more information about this on Nashh's blog.

Any questions or comments? You know the drill.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What kind of corp would you like to see?

I'll be honest - the Corp I tried to create didn't work. There was ZERO interest in an anti-pirate Corp, and after spending more than a month trying a few different recruitment strategies, I've had absolutely no interest. I've concluded that no one wants to join an anti pirate Corp, even though they all whinge about pirates...

So I'm trying something different now.

What kind of Corp would you like to see?

What do you think is missing from this game? What kind of Corp would you like to see in Eve Online, that either doesn't already exist, or exists but not very good?

My last challenge was to create something like Eve Uni, but for nullsec. I created OUCH, and that is currently going exceptionally well. I'm looking for a new challenge, so please throw some ideas at me so we can discuss them.

It was you, the readers, that helped OUCH come into existence, so maybe you'll help me create something else. Thank you :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The zombie pirate apocalypse is coming

[I was going to put this ad on the Eve Online recruitment forums, but I forgot Incarna was starting today. So while everything is down, you can read it here first.]

Pirates. You all know about them. But something worse is coming. Zombie pirates. Be it a zombie pirate uprising, fast rage virus zombie pirate or shambling zombie pirate outbreak, eventually there will be more pirates than you can poke a stick at. And most of them will be zombies, wanting your brains. 'Loot', they call it. But we know the truth.

Of course, as members of The Punishers we're prepared to defend the galaxy's homes, families and way of life from these zombie pirates by using our exceptional knowledge of intel management as well as zombie pirate uprising and counter-zombie pirate attack computer simulation training (eg. making sure we don't run out of Twisties and cans of V while spending entire weekends playing Eve Online).

But even with our steadfast dedication to the cause and our staunch ability to survive, we must concede that some of our kin will be lost to the all consuming zombie pirate horde. Are you really as prepared as you could be? Are you REALLY safe?

We are making preparations for Galaxy War ZP (for Zombie Pirate) and we think you'll be interested. Why slum it alone on a backwater planet armed only with a machete when you can spend your time sheltered in a cozy modern ship with a nice bottle of Quafe?

We are building up impressive defensive positions and looking to fill our numbers with the best of the best. The soldiers, and the survivors. You'll want to do your bit to preserve the invaluable knowledge of humanity and build a brighter future even after the last autocannon round has been spent and the final ration-pack has been eaten.

After many hard choices it's been decided that membership will only be offered to those pilots with previous combat experience.

But don't think that just because you know your way around a Tech 2 frigate and you own a T3 Strategic Cruiser that you automatically qualify. To ensure your survival against the zombie pirate hordes you'll also need to have:

- at least 10 kills on your personal Battleclinic killboard
- the skills to fly battlecruisers, covert ops, and recon ships
- an intense desire to save the galaxy from the pirate horde

Miners will get eaten and even smug Transport pilots will be at the mercy of the horde, but if you can deliver tactical and combat successes in a relaxed, people-centric corp then your tasty brains are a commodity that we are very keen to have. (Not eat, ok? Just so we're cool about this there's no brain eating in this role whatsoever).


Applicants for The Punishers should also have a sense of humour. And be willing to help the corp grow. And not want to eat brains.

Any questions? If you have any, send an evemail to Alexia Morgan.

If you have no questions, just apply to join us. We'll arrange an interview with you, and if you pass the test (which may or may not involve a bowl of tempting brains being put on the table in front of you) your application will be accepted and you will become another proud member standing between the zombie pirate horde and the rest of humanity.

Join us. The galaxy is depending on you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Punishers are recruiting

What we're about

The Punishers is a new antipirate corp which will do its best to keep the lowsec areas of Derelik safe for the general public. The corp is in the very early stages right now, currently looking for members, but it will maintain a public intel channel that will allow all pirate and hostile activity to be reported through Derelik and beyond. The corp will have reds who are pirates or known hostiles, and this information will be publicly available as well.

Corp mission: helping to keep people safe

What we plan to do

As the corp grows, it will be involved in intel-gathering to create a database of pirates and hostiles in the lowsec areas of Derelik, and this information will be shared publicly.

As the corp's strength increases, it will include anti-piracy PVP in lowsec, as well as PVP roams into nullsec. Over time it will expand its activities into other areas and explore the idea of doing what CVA once did with Providence.

What would be required of our members

All members must meet the following minimum membership requirements:

  1. Must have at least 50 kills on their personal killboard
  2. Must have a minimum of 10 million skill points
  3. Must be able to fly covert ops or recon ships, and T2-fit battlecruisers

(We will discuss membership options for people who have less than 50 kills and less than 10 million skill points, but only if they join OUCH and graduate from its nullsec survival and PVP training - these skills will be essential to have while in The Punishers.)

All members must be willing to:

  • roam various lowsec systems and monitor for pirate or hostile activity
  • provide intel in the public intel channel whenever appropriate
  • engage flashy red pirates when chances of success are in their favour *
  • rat or do missions to ensure an income to support PVP activities

* We have strict rules of engagement to minimise stupid losses and maximise smart victories.

If you're interested....

If you meet the minimum requirements and/or you're interested in being involved, then contact Alexia Morgan in-game. You will be interviewed about your interest and whether or not you will be a good fit for The Punishers, and if you get past the interview and get accepted, you too can be a Punisher. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Punishers are back

Some years ago I started a corp called The Punishers and I went around 'blowing shit up'. Lots of things happened along the way and then I moved on to join Ushra'Khan, and then joining my good friend Black Claw in running OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship). That's been extremely successful and OUCH is now doing quite nicely without my help, so I've decided to return to The Punishers (after my roles in OUCH have dropped, that is).

The Punishers are going to return to those activities they were originally involved in, which is dealing out punishment to those who deserve it - namely pirates in Empire space and lowsec, and asshats in nullsec.

Now, I know it's not going to happen overnight. I'm not going to immediately have the strength that I know will be required to achieve successes against those that deserve to be punished. I know its going to take time, and it's going to take commitment.

The commitment is not just from me but also from its members - those pilots who join The Punishers are going to have to be as committed as I am. Campaigning against pirates is not for the weak or the faint-hearted. It's not for those who are looking for easy kills and quick successes.

It's a long, hard road we walk, but we're in it for the long haul because we know that if not us, then who? Someone needs to take a stand against those who would prey on the weak and the innocent. The Punishers are going to take that stand.

What I'm looking for are those noble soldiers who want to fight the good fight, to stand up against the bastards in red and say, "We're not going to allow it any more!"

Is that you? You're going to have to be pretty damn special for this task. You're going to need the below, at a minimum:

  • 10 million skill points
  • can fly covert ops and recon ships
  • can fly T2-fit battlecruisers
  • you have at least 50 kills on Battleclinic

If you have any interest in becoming involved and want to find out more, send Alexia Morgan an evemail in-game and I will contact you to provide you with more information about my plans and how you might be involved in them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

OUCH offers piracy training!

We've started providing courses on piracy, namely lowsec combat for fame and fortune.

Of course, we're not professional pirates, nor do we intend to be. But lowsec PVP is just as valid as nullsec PVP (and empire PVP, but maybe that will be a future stage), and so we're offering that as an option.

Surprisingly, most of our members have been eager to be involved in piracy operations! Bless their evil, little black hearts.

So not only do we offer nullsec training, but also lowsec training.

If anyone is interested in joining up for the variety of our courses, make sure you contact Black Claw in-game and talk to him about it, or just join us. We welcome everyone.

We also welcome trainers, for both nullsec and lowsec PVP. If you've led fleets on combat operations in lowsec as a pirate (or even mercenary, we don't mind), or in nullsec, and you want a change of pace where you're training others in how to do what you've been doing for so long, then we want to talk to you too.

Friday, January 8, 2010

OUCH is recruiting for nullspace survival training

That's right, the Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH) is looking for more recruits who are interested in learning how to PVP and make money in nullspace. Here's our recruitment blurb:'


OUCH is the Open University of Celestial Hardship. We're based on the border of empire space and nullspace, allowing our members to ease into nullspace activity without being thrown into the deep end. Our goal is to help people get skills and confidence in entering and living in nullspace.

I should warn you that If you're looking for safety and boredom, you're not likely to find much of it with us. Instead, you're going to die. We guarantee that. You might even die a lot. But along the way, we'll teach you how to die less, and maybe even to stay alive long enough to be successful in your endeavours.

We don't just teach you the theory of operating in nullspace. We take you there so you can experience it for yourself. We take you on training operations into nullspace and show you how to avoid real warp bubbles and real gate camps, operated by hostiles really trying to kill you.

At the same time as teaching you how to survive, we also teach you about PVP. There's no shortage of PVP in nullsec, and we teach you how to fight and win, or how to avoid fights.


OUCH recognises that one of the biggest reasons you don't want to go into nullspace is because you can't or don't want to lose the ships and fittings you've spent your hard-earned money on. So we provide the ships and fittings for you, and the skillbooks if you need them.

That's right, we give you the ships so you don't have to be afraid of losing your own. Of course, if you want to bring your own ships and fittings to use and lose, you're welcome to do so.

By being a member of OUCH you will have access to our resources which will help you learn how to survive. If you're looking to learn all about nullsec, then you owe it to yourself to be part of a corporation that can teach you.

We're also a member of an alliance of corps supporting OUCH's operations. This means that once you've learned all that you want to, you can join one of our dedicated support corps for your chosen specialty, whether that's industrial or combat operations, or you can move on somewhere else, knowing that you'll be an asset to any corp or alliance that might want you.

We have a network of allies (blue standings) that you can fleet with and be involved in active operations to practice what you've learnt.

We provide you with instructions on how to obtain and use Jump Clones for free, so that you can continue using implants in one clone, while being in another clone for PVP.


We require from our members a commitment to venture into 0.0 space, to learn, to get involved in our training activities, and to help other members learn too. Eg. once you've learnt a few things yourself, we hope you might want to help other members too.

We aim to be self-sufficient, so we need miners and manufacturers to help the corp make money and provide ships and fittings for training requirements. You can join OUCH to learn about nullsec survival, and then if you're interested, you can stay on to help support OUCH's growth and operations.

We also need skilled PVP specialists to help secure operations and areas of space, and you can even join these ranks 'full time' after you join and become skilled at PVP yourself. It doesn't matter what you want to do, you will have a part in the corp.

It is your choice if you wish to join OUCH. Our members value being part of a corp providing nullsec survival training, and they value the contributions they can make to the corporation and that the corporation makes to them.


You can find out more by sending Black Claw an eve mail or visit the channel OUCH-UNI where you can talk to him (or someone) about your interest. We would be happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guess who's come back?

My, what a busy time it's been with OUCH. The interest in membership has outpaced my ability to accommodate the members that want to join. So I suspended membership for 9 days to allow my skills to catch up...

Except that I'm getting about 5 new members a day joining OUCH, and the applications sitting there on hold were starting to pile up.

I had to do something, as I didn't want to break the momentum. I considered my options, and made a decision.

Black Claw is back.

Yep, that's right. Black Claw, who some of you may remember, and others of you have probably never heard of. He was my first character from early 2006 before I started Alexia Morgan early 2008.

He also has all the needed corp management skills that would allow for him to continue accepting membership applications to carry on the recruitment momentum. And he was a reasonable combat pilot too. (Could do with a bit more training today though... Good thing he's in a training corp!)

So I reactivated him yesterday, waited 24 hours for his roles in his previous corp to disappear, and then recruited him into OUCH today. I immediately made him CEO of OUCH.

Black Claw is back. Woohoo!

Black Claw is going to be the most active, due to his new commitments with leading OUCH. So Alexia is going to take a bit of a back step and be a 'secondary character' for a while. Maybe forever. Or at least until her own brand of skills are no longer needed.

It's been fun. But I think it's going to be even more fun back in Black Claw's saddle....

If you want to join OUCH, or you're interested in becoming a trainer, please hop into the OUCH-UNI channel, or send Black Claw an evemail.

Thank you everyone, it's been great. You can follow Black Claw's blog again now. :)

Eve Online on Reddit

A short while ago I created a 'subreddit' on Reddit called 'Evebloggers'. As of today there's about 35 readers of that subreddit. It was pointed out to me today by someone whom I'm unable to remember right now (please congratulate yourself in the Comments below!) that there is an Eve subreddit that has 650 readers.

35 readers compared to 650.... Hmmm....

So I've updated the share button at the bottom of my posts to point to the main Eve subreddit. If anyone else is sharing Eve blogs or websites on Reddit, please do the same.